Pet sitting can be a shitty job


One cat with intestinal issues. He usually keeps it in the basement. Not this time, plop plop plop up the carpeted stairs and all over hard wood floor. How can one small cat shit so much?

One nervous elderly dog, confined to kitchen.

I love my job, but some days it’s hard to find the love.

Yep, that’s one of the drawbacks, all right. I don’t actually mind that as much as dogs that get destructive and chew up things, or cats that go into deep hiding so I don’t know if they are okay. Or pilling cats that really, really don’t want to take their pill.

If it’s only one cat in the house I figure as long as the food is disappearing and the litter is dirty everything is cool. I have cat clients I have never seen.
Which once led to some trouble. A client had two orange tabbies and one black and white cat. I had never seen the b&w cat other than his tail hanging down from his hiding place on top the china cabinet.
One day I get to her apartment and b&w kitty is scratching at her door meowing to get in. I had no idea how he got out but I let him in.
Whoops, not her cat.
I finally did get to see her b&w when he and the two orange tabbies came out hissing and spitting.

I tried pet sitting a little bit but didn’t like having the hours go late. early morning I was fine with but the dogs needed their last potty later than I wanted to have to go out.

instead I did poop scooping for awhile and it was hardly every nasty. mostly, dried up poop I never had to touch.