PETA: Doas I say, not as I do

Oh, the hypocrasy

Since PETA’s national HQ is in the area, this is turning out to be quite the local scandal.

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Ha ha.
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Oh, the humanity!


Yeah, I saw this on Channel 10 this morning before coming to work. As much as I dislike a lot of what they do as an organization, I can’t believe this was company policy. I think it’s more like when a child molester gets a job around children - they’re there to make it easier to practice their particular brand of deviant-ness. A rogue sicko.

I wouldn’t recommend doing as they say, either. PETA’s been known to say some crazy stuff from time to time.

I’m not convinced. It seems possible that PETA’s policy encouraged them to rescue more animals than they can find homes for (for publicity?) and end up having to euthenize them.

By the way, “euthanization” isn’t a real word, is it? (It’s in the 3rd paragraph of the article.)

Is this a good time to que up an Alanis Morissette song?

It’s never a good time to que up an Alanis Morissette song.

There’s a great “I Hate Alanis” thread that jsgoddess started over in Cafe Society. At least, it’s got the potential to be one.

But you’d still have to be pissed that these two only took thirty minutes to drive from the clinic to the dumpster - barely enough time to inject the animals and make the drive. They didn’t even make an attempt to find homes.

No, my gut feeling is that these two aren’t carrying out the standard PETA propaganda. Those folks do some highly questionable things, but as I recall, killing animals in a sleazy underhanded manner isn’t on their approved list of activities.