Pete Seeger Passes Away At 94

RIP to one of America’s greatest musicians… :frowning:

Ramble on, my ramblin’ boy,
May all your rambles bring you joy…


The lion sleeps tonight.

He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. R.I.P.

My daughters loved singing Puff the Magic Dragon when they were young.

Oh. What a shame. I always considered him to be a very evolved human.

I feel like crying.

I’m so sorry Pete. I will miss you.

It’s really a shame that somehow you did not impart your wisdom and philosophy of how to live life to other people in a way that got them to behave more like you. It’s just my opinion. But, the world would be such a better place if people behaved more like you. I believe you were always someone whose examle was worthy to follow and I sure do wish I had lived my life more like you lived yours.

I don’t see any failure on your part. I don’t know what you could have done to get people to follow your example more than they did.

Pete Seeger has died.

I only got to really know his work recently when I read a book about The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Reading the book, I would bring up the clips on YouTube as I read about various performances. When I watched Pete Seeger singing “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy” I knew I needed to search out more of his work. Very powerful.

Here’s a YouTube link to that performance that CBS refused to air.

Pete Seeger was one of the great singers who tried to change America during my impressionable years. Well done, sir.

Unless I’m missing something, you’re conflating with Peter Yarrow of P, Paul, and Mary. This other Peter sang a lot of songs written by Seeger, but Puff was his own.

It is so difficult to separate a person’s talent for songwriting and the wonderful songs they wrote and sang and the beautiful thoughts contained in those songs with the essence of the person themselves.

I know a little about Pete Seeger and what I do know is that he lived his life according to the ideas and ideals that he sang about in his songs. He tried to make the world a better place for us all. He seemed to always have the time to sit down and join a group of people and sing about the best ideals that people can express in this world.

What I was fortunate enough to have seen of him and his wife Toshi always left me envious of the day I might find a woman who I could love like he loved Toshi.

He died almost exactly 6 months after Toshi died. I would guess his heart was broken when she passed away. He seemed to love her with all that he had.

Much respect - for his music and his integrity. Thank you, Pete.

one of the greatest folk singers this country has ever had.

he had a body of work that was huge both solo and with others, many who we think the stars of folk music. he co-wrote quite a few significant songs. he had a lifetime of using his music to bring a message being a lifelong activist for a better world.

he accomplished a number of lifetimes in his one.

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Shorpy has this photo of him when he was just a wee folkie

RIP Mr. Seeger.

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I saw him in concert a few times, always an amazing show. He will be missed, he was a voice unlike any other.

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Somehow our local talk radio had an interview with Pete and Arlo Guthrie together about a year ago. Very interesting conversation: more about current US politics than music.

R.I.P. for a great human. A genuine inspiration to those of us who were around when this country seemed about to tear itself apart. He lived a good life with a mate who was his sweetheart, and who among us wouldn’t want the same?

Qin, thanks for sharing this.

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When I was a young college student, he and Arlo Guthry were on the same flight from Madison, Wi to Chicago. They asked me to join them for lunch at Ohare.:slight_smile: Both gentlemen.

RIP Mr. Seeger

One of those wonderful human beings who could make you feel just a little bit better knowing he was in the world.

We really could use more like him.