Peter Duel

I wonder if he would of straighten out or ended up like Jan Michael Vincent with along list of busts for alcohol and drugs…:eek:

He knew it was loaded; he didn’t realize that a gun that fired blanks would have enough propellant to kill him when he put the barrel against his head and pulled the trigger.

He was married to Judy Carne (of Laugh-In fame) in Love on a Rooftop. IIRC, it was the latest of the shows in ABC’s Thursday night lineup in 1966–67, which included ***Bewitched ***and That Girl.

This happened shortly after Howard Hunter tried to commit suicide on Hill Street Blues, and got away with just powder burns.* I’ve always thought the one led to the other.

*Someone (LaRue, I think it was) exchanged blanks for the bullets in Howard’s revolver while he was in the station’s shower, suspecting he was about to commit suicide over a scandal.

The blast drove a piece of his skull into his brain. Helluva way to die! :frowning:

I saw a couple of episodes and quite liked them, especially the one with the vintage JN-4. (A real airplane; no CGI crap back then.) I couldn’t watch more because my mother kept commandeering the TV set, probably to watch Lawrence Welk on ABC. :mad:

I watched AS&J, thought it was pretty good. They recently reran it on one of the oldies TV stations, but I guess the original pilot movie wasn’t part of the package. Amusing little factoid. A couple of the episodes were close matches plot-wise for a couple of episodes of the old Ben Gazarra series, “Run for Your Life”, also airing on the same oldies TV station. Sure enough, the same guy wrote them all.

[Homer Simpson Voice]And that’s the story of why nobody likes to watch Lawrence Welk…[/HSV]

I loved Alias Smith and Jones when iI was a kid, and it was pretty popular in the UK, leading to it being the punning source of the title of the much loved comedy show in the mid 1980s., Alas Smith and Jones, starring Mel Smith and Gryff Rhys Jones. Later, it dropped the ‘Alas’ and was merely Smith and Jones.

I also immediately thought of AS&J as soon as I read the thread title, tho I hadn’t thought of the actor or show for decades. The brain is a funny thing…

Was it a western comedy? Got some googling ahead of me!

This just in:

Peter Duel is still dead.

Not a broad comedy, but more of a light hearted “buddy” comedy. One of the producers was Roy Huggins, creator of Maverick.

Does anyone think dirk benedict slightly resembles peter Duel??:smack:

Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? hmmm, just asking questions!

Like Tony Franciosa, James Farentino, and James Franciscus. They were really the same person you know. Little known fact!

Not that I expect grand pomp and ceremony when someone offs themselves, but grabbing a gun from the bedroom, saying “I’ll see you later” to your wife, and then going into another room to do the deed seems, well, quotidian?
Apparently they had been watching ASJ the previous evening.