Peter Gabriel's Growing Up tour

Anyone else seen this show?

I saw it in Detroit last night- highly recommend it, one of the great visual and aural concerts I’ve ever seen. A decent mix of old and new songs.

However, it being a Tuesday night in Detroit, the show was about 50-70% full, which was a shame.

Set lists?

Apparently a lot of his tour has been kind of slow. Many people thought the ticket prices were a bit much ($125). The sales were slow enough that they offered them at half price through our company. I picked up some for a friend, but alas, I could not make the show last night.

I don’t think many more people would have come if it were a Saturday.

What did he close with?

The prices were steep, but thankfully I got tickets from a friend through his company.

Closing song from the original set- “signal to noise” from the new album.

1st encore -11 min version of ‘in your eyes’- fantastic.
2nd encore- ‘family snapshot’

Highlights for me- hearing ‘mercy street’ live, and the spectacle of the show- lots of set changes, which were pretty seamless. Very entertaining.

I would be pretty cheesed paying $80 for a ticket, and knowing the guy next to me paid only $40 because he waited longer!
It’s a pretty cool perk, plus we don’t pay Ticketmonster charges. We get discounts for the shows at Pine Knob and stuff like Tom Petty this weekend, but once in a while there’s a good one.

That sounds like a good closer. It used to be Biko, which was pretty cool because he would get everyone chanting then walk off the stage.

Sounds like my loss.

yup. although work is tough today on little sleep.

I saw him here in D.C. on 11/24. Fantastic show! Havn’t seen him live since '86 (So Tour).

Set List:

**Here Comes the Flood
Red Rain
Secret World
Sky Blue
Downside Up
The Barry Williams Show
More Than This
Mercy Street
Diggin’ in the Dirt
Growing Up
Animal Nation
Solsbury Hill
Signal to Noise


In Your Eyes
Come Talk to Me
Father, Son**