Peter Gunn-The Briefcase

A remake of the Maltese Falcon.
Tough guy private eye, hired by a woman who goes under various names.
PI has a jealous girl friend.
A heavy set criminal mastermind type (disgraced politician) trying to buy the Falcon-er, briefcase.
A foreign guy with an accent seeking said briefcase.
A fellow who may or may not be a gunsel seeking the briefcase.
Dying guy staggering into PI’s apartment with the Fal-briefcase.

The stuff that dreams are made of.

Movie? Book? Fantasy?

Peter Gunn was a detective television show of the 1950s.
The Maltese Falcon a book by Dashieil Hammett and a film with Bogart.

Yes, I know that. But what are you talking about in the OP?

I’m amused at how much that episode resembles the Maltese Falcon.

Oh, I see now. :smack:

heh reminds me of the mike hammer episode that totally rips off the warriors

except its hammer trying to get back to the office hes fighting/running from every thug in nyc and yet he still finds the time to stop and prove the leader of the girl gang isn’t a lesbian like it was hinted earlier in the episode when she helps him out …

Darrin McGavin, or the other guy?

Shamelessly ripping off the plots of classic movies was something many TV series used to do. In fact it was often a surefire “jump the shark” sign that the show’s creative well was running dry.

(Incidentally, I’m not including episodes of TV shows that parody well-known movies or acknowledge the fact they’re doing a homage.)

“Ripping off” ain’t in it.
I can’t Google anything, but it almost seems to be a joke.

You do realize that “gunsel” means gay, not gunman, right? John Huston snuck it past the Hayes office who did not know their Yiddish.

Yes, in The Maltese Falcon.
But the gunsel in The Briefcase looked more like Peter Lore than Elisha Cook.