Peter Jackson: erect a statue to Gollum, the REAL hero of LOTR


That’s great if it turns out to be true!

Can anyone find the letter Qadgop is referencing?


(numbers refer to individual letters appearing in “Letters of JRRT”

I’ll try to check the actual book tonight, if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

It’s from the crucial letter 246 (viewable at

Shelob’s lair.

Interesting, rowrrbazzle! Thanks for the link!

I was always under the impression that it wasn’t completely Sam’s fault. Gollum could never fully repent. He always saw Sam as the suspicious hobbit, and should not have been surprised at Sam’s reaction.

That he overreacted so terribly to Sam’s one accusation shows how little his repentence was.

I also recall in a letter that if Gollum hadn’t shown up at Mt Doom, Frodo would’ve flung himself in with the ring (or did I get that mixed up?)

Tolkien says in an interview that he liked Gollum “better than all the other characters.” I think this was because Gollum was more conflicted than the others. He was wicked, was given a real chance to reform and began to turn that way, but at the end Sam’s suspicions and his desire for the Ring overcame him.)

Thanks for digging that up,rowrrbazzle. I knew I’d recalled that letter, but couldn’t find it last night!

Oh, we do so like to identify ourselves with the Aragorns and the Elronds and the Frodos and the Sams and the Gandalfs.

But in answer to that question, “Who am I, really?” isn’t Gollum sometimes nearest the mark?