Peter Jackson pictures

I would not have known who this was if I did not read the article.

I wonder what his diet plan was.

We just took a quick kitchen poll- the results were gastric bypass and cocaine.


He does look great- quite un-Hobbit-like now.

It looks like he lost weight faster than his tailor could compensate for.

A lot of it happened during King Kong. IIRC, he attributed it to balanced meals & getting a scheduled decent length of sleep rather than overworking & sleeping when he could & snacking off & on.

But at least he learned how to tie a bow tie.


In an interview, I heard him attribute it to “stress” during the King Kong production.

Like The Lord of the Rings wasn’t stressful?

Aw, I thought by ‘pictures’ this thread was going to be about Braindead and Meet The Feebles.

I too would not have known it was him. 70lbs and no glasses really changed his appearance.

Still needs help on wearing a jacket, though. (Wrong button buttoned.)

He has millions of dollars. He has a shelf full of Oscars. He has many successful companies that are leaders in their field. He has hundreds, if not thousands of employees. And, with all that, even after Lasik and personal trainer, he’s still a geek. And we love him for that.

He looks pretty young for 48 to.

But he still needs a good haircut. And a hair washing.

Yes, and an introduction to that common hair implement: the comb.

He actually gained weight over the course of Lord of the Rings, then lost weight just before and during the making of King Kong. Now it looks like he’s found a way to maintain his level. I am impressed by his willpower.

His colleague, Philippa Boyens, has lost weight also.

Will Guillermo del Toro be next?

I would have guessed cloning and a brain transplant.

Is it tacky to suggest a metaphor for trimming the excess off his movies too?