What will Peter Jackson do next?

What will Peter Jackson do next? Does anyone know if he has anything planned?

Also the Wachowski(sp) brothers? What are they up to now?

Pete’s current project is his remake of King Kong.



To be filmed not ten minutes walk from where I am now!

So, when King Kong goes tearing through downtown Wellington… ?

Hmmm. Seems to be lacking a bit in world impact, eh?

To jazz it up, they could reanimate John Wayne’s corpse to reprise his role as “The Duke” Wellington.

“Golly,” you no doubt said to yourselves. “I wonder what all the other people in LOTR are working on?”

Sean Astin: Bunch of bit parts in independent movies
Sean Bean: The Dark (horror)
Cate Blanchett: The Aviator (life and times of Howard Hughes)
Orlando Bloom: Troy
Billy Boyd: Seed of Chuckery (Child’s Play 5)
Bernard Hill: Wimbledon. I’m guessing he’s not one of the tennis players.
Ian Holm: The Aviator (see above) (he was also in Day after Tomorrow)
Sir Ian McKellen: The Magic Roundabout Movie (“A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor – the evil wizard ZeeBadee.”) Le sigh.
Lawrence Makoare (“Find the halflings!”): Nothing.
Dominic Monaghan: Lost-- a TV series about survivors of a plane crash living on a desert island
Viggo Mortensen: Hidalgo
Miranda Otto: Flight of the Phoenix
John Rhys-Davis: Princess Diaries II (also Porthos in “La Femme Musketeer”)
Andy Serkis: King Kong. He plays the title role. He also plays Lumpy the Cook.
Liv Tyler: Bit parts in a couple movies.
Karl Urban (Eomer): Chronicles of Riddick & The Bourne Supremacy
Hugo Weaving: Time Breaker (with Jackie Chan!)
David Wenham: Van Helsing
Elijah Wood: A Jim Carrey movie. A Freaking Jim Carrey Movie.
Alan Howard (voice of The Ring): Nothing. I guess once you’ve played the One Ring, you’re done.

That “Jim Carrey Movie” was “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, the best movie to come out in 2004. I’ve seen it at the top of many Dopers’ Top 10 lists.

Sorry; I don’t get out much.

sigh. I used to have a ton of respect for Peter Jackson. Not only did he make a great attempt of bringing my favourite book ever to the screen (yeah yeah, the changes he made pissed me off too, but at least he managed to pull it off), but this was the same guy who brought us such classics as Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive, some all time great moments in independent cinema.

…and then he decides “hey, lets do a remake!” I have a really hard time respecting anyone who decides they want to remake an already great movie, especially since King Kong already was remade once before, and it was HORRIBLE. If King Kong really is his favourite movie, as he has been quoted, then why in the hell would he want to muck around with it? Someone name ONE remake of an already great movie that didn’t suck. Just ONE.

I haven’t seen it, but Manchurian Candiate was generally well recieved.

There was a thread on this before, I know there were several that were mentioned.


The Thing.

Is the PJ King Kong going to be a remake of the original or a remake of the remake? And when will the original be available on DVD?

He’s remaking the original as a period piece set in 1933.

King Kong press release:



I remember commenting to Mr. Pug that I hoped Andy Serkis would prepare by spending a lot of time at the zoo studying the movements and personalities of gorillas. Now I see that he actually went to Rwanda to hang out with the wild mountain gorillas! That’s what I call studying up for a part.

When did PJ lose his glasses? I thought he looked rather fetching in them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Morning
Scarlet Street
The Thief of Bagdad

Orlando Bloom is the new James Bond. Sean Astin is directing Isaac’s Storm (based on a non-fiction book by Erik Larson). As was mentioned before, Eternal Sunshine was one of the best movies of the year, and Elijah Wood is in Liev Schreiber’s directorial debut, due out next year.

Really? I don’t know what to think of that. Isn’t he a bit young for the part?

The Maltese Falcon, the 1941 version we all know and love, was a remake. The third remake, in fact. Of course I don’t know how great the first two versions are.