peter jackson's next endeavor

surfing around this morning i found this

if you dont want to check out the link, essentially peter jackson, fran walsh, and philippa boyens are getting paid together $20 million to make a new king kong movie filmed in new zealand, due out in 2005.


Yep, the original King Kong (from way, way back) was one of his greatest inspirations, and he’s always wanted to do it. I guess after what he did with LotR, he deserves to do pretty much whatever he wants for his next project. Should be a great version, though.

I’d dearly love to see him make The Hobbit. I shiver at the thought of what WETA could do with Smaug.

It better be DAMNED good, though…

I hope in this version we get to see the giant spiders in the canyon.

how dare he redo Kong!?! As if he could outdo the greatness of the DeLaurentis classic remake!

I just wish he’d use his clout to make something grand that we’ve never seen. King Kong has been done to death.

He should do a film version of Sword of Shannara next.

Elijah Wood as Shea Ohmsford
Ian McClellan as Allanon

Just think, he’s already got plenty of usable footage! Production costs would be trivial…


:::ducking the tomatoes:::

To Monstre:

Tomatoes are way too good for you

Hehehe…what would be really cool is to see a fanfilm where someone rebuds the LOTR movies with Shannara dialogue… :smiley:

Has anyone else heard that they are planning on making the Hobbit? I read an article once, I have no idea of when and where, but basically I remember it said: they were going to make the movie after the LOTR releases. The reason they waited was because they didnt want to make it before the release of LOTR in case LOTR was a massive flop, and people would assume the two films to similiar and they would both be flops.

I know thats wrote all over the place. Sorry. But has anyone else heard this story?

I’d like to see them do the Silmarillion!

I Kong going to climb the ESB?
What ever he does I hope he doesn’t do this.

I’ve read that he is interested in making it, but I haven’t heard anything definitive about whether it will get done.

I don’t know about that. The last real remake was in 1976, although there was that King Kong Lives junk in 1985 or so. Still, that would be two remakes in 27 years!

Now, there have been other KK films in the meantime, but compare it with Godzilla - now that has been done to death.

(Maybe he’ll take on a Harry Potter movie one of these years, eh? ;))

Thanks for giving me brain damage. Jesus Christ, how did we ever make it through the 60’s?

I think there are much bigger obstacles vis-a-vis rights with the Hobbit. Forget where I read that, maybe boxofficemojo?

My eyes! My eyes! IT BURNS!

Now I’ll have that tune stuck in my head the rest of the day. Thanks. :frowning:

It’s been in my head for over a WEEK!

So would I! Ive had that book about 6 years and never been able to get into it.

Regards the rights to the Hobbit and thats why there was a problem? Id heard they were bought along when LOTR was?