Peter Jackson says, "The Hell With It," sells out LOTR third segment

Wul, geez, it wouldn’t have been any FUN if I’d put a DISCLAIMER at the bottom.

I’m sorry. I had no idea the joke was so old. Here I thought I was sharing something new and original… hell, I thought it was hilarious…


[from CheapBastid’s link]

You have to admit, he has a point there.

I’m not sure giving Gandalf a chain saw would be such a good idea. Those things can be unwieldy, and hobbits’ heads are about waist-high.

However, I’m rather taken with the idea of Christopher Walken as Frodo. I see a round of Russian Roulette going on at the Prancing Pony. And I really think the Two Towers “Three Hunters” scenes could be spruced up by Legolas repeatedly screaming for Gimli to “Di di mao!!!”