Peter Jackson says, "The Hell With It," sells out LOTR third segment


Y’know, up until now, I thought Peter Jackson was doing a pretty good job with the “Lord Of The Rings” series. I mean, I loved those books. They were a major part of my childhood, you know?

And I loved the first two movies.

And now, the sonofabitch has betrayed us.

He’s adding a new character for the third movie, one that DOES NOT EXIST in the books, for a NEW SUBPLOT that would have Tolkien spinning in his grave.

Apparently, Tolkien’s story just wasn’t good enough. This Enzedd asshead thinks he can improve on it. Either that, or he just wants to completely own the rights to one of the characters, so he can profit like mad off the action figures or something.


Apparently, this new characters is Jaromir, brother to Boromir and Faramir, and he’s going to be appearing in the third movie and doing something or other. God, I don’t know if I can bear to go on about this. You can read the horrible news

Wow! Chill out.

I’m sure it’s not the end of the world.

This was funny the first fifty times the link was posted. Now, not so much.

That link was absolutely not worth the build-up.

Note: Go to dictionary. Look up “satire.”

I can only hope that you realize the story was a joke.

Damn him! First he blatantly names the second movie to profit from the memories of September 11 (as documented on The Two Towers Protest), now this. Peter Jackson is evil, no question. :smiley:


…the… the… story… was a… joke? snif


I hear Jaromir has a heck of a slap shot- and instead of a sword, he uses a taped-up Koho stick.

That reminds me of the time I was actively writing on my satire sports, website which clearly stated at the bottom “DISCLAIMER: These stories are not true. No really. It’s all just a joke, you know for fun.” Nonetheless, somebody posted a link to one of the stories on a message board thinking it was true. I think it was an SEC college sports board or something. Needless to say he was given a hard time about it.

This is turning in to “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.”

Hey, at least us Trek nerds can now finally look down on people!

Either we all been whooshed by Wang-Ka or he whooshed us. There’s no rock heavy enough for news of Jar-Jar Binks not to have gotten under.

'Cept maybe in Mongolia or something. Is that where the “Blue Area” is?

The satirical link in the OP said:

Oh my Ghod! :eek: That’s my brother’s name! :eek:

The sad thing is, the character is really Jaragorn. Aragorn’s older half brother who will challenge him for the throne of Gondor.


Well, the article wasn’t that great even for a joke, but the pic was entertaining. :slight_smile:

And as the most recent satirical link points out, they had a novelization out before the movie was even released, the profit-hungry bastards.

Hey, Wang-Ka, did you know that the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary?