What's up with this new "Lord of the Rings" movie?

I clicked around on the net and see that a New Zealand director, Peter Jackson, is filming the LOTR trilogy. Elijah Wood will be Frodo and Ian MacLellan (sp?) will be Gandalf. What’s the advance word on this? Does it look like it will be any good? The fan websites are not exactly objective. I saw a photo of Elijah Wood in the scene on Weathertop, and he looks exactly how I would picture Frodo. Here’s hoping!

One GOOD thing is they’re filming all three movies at once. As a project it’s an epic scale, but this way they can guarantee consistency between actors, special effects, and general look of the movies.

Plus we don’t have a repeat of the original LOTR animated film, that never finished the trilogy.

This looks like it’s going to be incredible! It appears to be what I’ve been hoping for - somebody giving LOTR the big-budget, “Star Wars”-type treatment. Here’s a site where you can download a preview:


I can’t wait!

pugluvr, I have high hopes for this project. Along with the top-notch cast, Peter Jackson is a major talent.

Jackson wrote and directed the movie Heavenly Creatures starring Kate Winslet, which was an amazing piece of film; and has also written and directed several cult-classic splatter movies, including Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste, and the incredible zombie movie, Dead Alive. He also made The Frighteners with Michael J. Fox, but I forgive him.

He’s a good director and incredibly imaginative in terms of design, unafraid to take risks. There was a 2-minute “teaser trailer” available on the net some time ago, and the landscapes, as well as footage of the Nazgul and a bunch of CGI Orcs, look amazing.

pldennison. don’t forgeet Forgoten Silver. Trully, one of the best spoofs out there. I seriously ad friends who didn’t realize it was a joke till I told them.
And, hey the way I see it, If anyone can pull it off, it’s peter jackson.

  • Your mother ate my DOG!
    -Well, not all of it…‘

I think it is going to rock. First off, peter jackson is absolutely dedicated to capturing the 'heart" of the books for the fan base. There have been some changes (ex: Tom Bombadil has been removed and Arwen’s role expanded somewhat – both causes of tremendous debate on fansites) but basically they’re sticking to the story. In fact I read that there is a cast member (I think it might be Ian McKellan) who carries the books around with him on the set and haggles with Peter Jackson over every change! You can get a ton of info at a site called “Imladris” and Aint it Cool News covers it as well.

I saw the location shots and the trailer and both look fantastic!! They have finished all the filming at Bag End and the Battle of Helm’s Deep as well. Bag End was burnt to the ground upon completion to protect the secrecy of the project. I for one, will be camped out on opening day (it’s only a year away… its only a year away…)

Although I like Tom Bombadil, he would certainly be hard to fit into a movie. I can’t imagine watching any actor Morris-dance around in a bright blue jacket and yellow boots (or is it the other way around?) and not roll around laughing. He is simply too much of a departure from the main story line. I think it is good judgment on Peter Jackson’s part.

Jackson directed Forgotten Silver? I love that movie. I have to admit that it took me about 30 minutes before I realized that it was a spoof. Well worth the rental fee to anybody who has not seen it.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, go get it! Now!! It made me feel much much better about the whole project. Orcs look like orcs are supposed to look. Gandalf looks good. I’m hopeful all around.

That’s very brave. Can they be absolutely sure that they won’t need to pick up a shot later?

I know two people working on this project (costume and an armourer) and from what they have said (not much as they are supposed to keep quiet) it is going to be a hell of a movie/s.

The most interesting thing about it is that Peter Jackson has compleatly bipassed the normal Hollywood system. He’s doing it his way with his own special effects studio (Weta) and with total control over the final product so that Hollywood can’t f**k it up in the final edit. He also has the permission of the Tolkien trustees to make the movie on a personal level, they had turned down several offers already and wanted some one who they could trust.

Peter Jackson has acepted that he can’t please every one with his translation of the books into film and that it is to a degree going to be a personal vision.

Incedentally my wife had to turn down a job working in costume as it would have involved moving city for a few years, we had recently brought a house and she had already used up her “quiting job for short term but exiting costume job” credit.

This triliogy will make Speilburg’s look like the crap it is.

I for one have complete faith in Mr. Jackson. I believe these films will be jaw-droppingly cool. The cast is nearly perfect, the art direction is phenomenal, and the level of respect for the source material (a few minor changes aside) is atypically high for what we think of as a major film production. (Jackson has Tolkein-geek linguistics experts on the set, for example.)

And the definitive site for keeping track of LOTR movie rumors, gossip, and information is The One Ring:


So I mosey on over to the website, take a gander at the (amazing) preview, then it says Christmas 2001. ARGH!! You people should have warned me before I got all excited. Now I’m going to have to read them all again. Damn you all!

lunasea: I’m starting to finger my dog-eared paperback of The Fellowship of the Ring, too.

I’ve looked at the movie websites, but haven’t had the time to do so exhaustively. So: (1) Who’s going to be Gollum? and (2) I hope he’s good! There’s a challenging role. Someone from the Royal Shakespeare Company would be up to it. I’m thinking the guy who did Smike in the RSC’s production of Nicholas Nickleby.

A Dragonlance Choronicle trilogy should be next.

Hmm. You guys are a bit slow. I’m already partway into “The Return of the King”. I downloaded the trailer a while ago and HAD to read the books again. I had to put off Harry Potter for a few more weeks.

The one thing I’m curious about is, how could they really expand Arwen’s role? I mean she didn’t have much of a role at all in the books, how are they going to get her in there? It’s been a while since I checked out the one ring site, but isn’t Liv Tyler playing Arwen? If so you just have to wonder if they expanded the role simply to give her more face time onscreen. I hope that’s not true. All said, I’ve got very high hopes for the movies, too.

I think that the LotR movie is going to be as good as it possibly could be, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be good enough. I’m a bit worried about the Arwen thing… What I picked up, is that in the cast list I saw, Arwen was described as a “warrior maiden”, and Eowyn wasn’t mentioned-- It smells to me like a character merge, and I’m not too happy about it if it is.

As for Bombadil, I agree that if you’re going to cut some parts out (sadly necessary, for the jump to the silver screen), you can remove Bombadil without producing too many problems (but how do they get out of the barrows? And if not from the barrows, then where do Sam, Merry and Pippen get their swords?), but I think that Robin Williams, maybe, could have pulled it off. Besides, Tolkien himself considered cutting out Bombadil, but he decided that he provided something that the books really needed.

I haven’t had a chance to download the trailer yet… Do they show any footage of the Balrog or the Nazgul? And does anyone know if any of the poems made it into the movie?

You’re slow, too. :slight_smile: I’ve already finished re-reading the whole darned trilogy again. God, I love it.

No Balrog, and I dk about the poems, but there is a brief shot of the Nazgul. They look like they should, too.

I am really looking forward to this, I cant wait to see what the Nazgul look like