Peter Jackson to receive a knighthood

He’s now Sir Peter Jackson, Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit: link

Knighthoods are pretty meaningless these days aren’t they?

Sour grapes, huh?


Well deserved, imho. Seldom has an work of art brought more joy and wealth to so many people world wide.

All awards of recognition are meaningless comrade.

He does get to wear armour and joust enemies, though. He’ll enjoy that.

Why would you assume sour grapes? It’s just that Peter Jackson isn’t that great and it seems like knighthoods these days are given primarily to entertainers. It’s just another award given for the glitz and glam of Hollywood as though the Entertainment Industry doesn’t have enough internal rewards.

Baron Greenback Just so your grace.

If Argent Towers were alive today he’d be spinning in his grave. That is to say I bet **AT **is jealous. :slight_smile:

What he has done for New Zealand’s recognition overseas and the blitz increase in its tourism can not be overestimated. I think those factors most certainly have contributed to the honour, though they concentrated on the pre-established “services to film” which he also has single-handedly revolutionised within NZ.

What a disgrace! Why, this is a goddamned insult to Sir Mick Jagger!

…dude. You really don’t know what you are talking about. This year there were five knighthoods: only one was an “entertainer.” This isn’t an award given to the “glitz and glam of Hollywood”:from the DPMC website:

Peter Jackson as a person has done more for the profile and the economy of New Zealand than any other single person in the last ten years. He has remained a steadfastly loyal kiwi and has helped create a logistical framework within our country that makes it appealing to international film makers. Weta Digital and Weta Workshop are both world class production houses: and both are only ten minutes walk from my house. :wink: In terms of great New Zealanders Sir Peter is in the top ten IMHO: along with greats like Sir Peter Blake, Captain Charles Upham, David Lange, and Sir Edmund Hillary. He is pure class and us Kiwis are bloody proud of him.

Fair enough. I concede.

Yep. The negative reactions to this are textbook examples of that great logical fallacy of our times: “The things that receive attention from the media are the only things that exist or occur.”

Didn’t he save New Zealand from a pack of flesh eating sheep?

Not to mention that he’s brought tons of environmentally clean, good paying jobs to New Zealand, and - as you said - left the framework there to make tons more films. It’s a cinema destination now. I can’t imagine all the ways the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through Weta has positively impacted the country. The data transport needs of Weta alone has probably dramatically improved the Internet experience for everyone.