Peter Jackson's Next Big Fantasy Film: TEMERAIRE

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it looks like Peter Jackson’s next big fantasy film will be based on the book(s) TEMERAIRE.

The Hollwyood Reporter Story

I have never even heard of the books, so for those of you who have read them, how are they, and what do you think of a Peter Jackson filming of the story?

I keep hoping he’ll do The Hobbit.

Really, I keep hoping for a Bored of the Rings with the Lord of the Rings actors, sets, etc.

Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a really well done Hobbit film.

You want more of his stupid script changes in the Tolkien Universe? :frowning:

He might. It’s on the table. MGM are going to ask him, apparently, though they let that slip publicly before actually contacting him about it.

They’re fun books… a re-telling of the napoleonic wars, in a world where dragons exist (but not elves, magic spells, or anything else, just dragons).

Definitely potential to be great movie(s)

Yes please.

I’d love to see a Jackson Hobbit. Temeraire sounds fun too. I’ll have to look for that at the library.

Anyway, didn’t I hear that they wanted to split The Hobbit into two films? That seems unnecessary. It’s a much simpler plot, with much simpler characters, than LOTR.

May I have some more, too, sir?

My son will be thrilled.
He is a huge fan of military history, fantasy, and SF.
He just started reading these books.

I agree with someone else on these boards that the Hobbit would better be done as a miniseries, by Jackson though. I liked the majority of his script changes and I’d like all critics to point to where someone else has done better or even tried. I’ll be waiting over here clutching my copies of the movies. And I would luuuuuurve to see him do the Hobbit.

As for this story, I guess I’ll be going off to read it - maybe I can get it from the library today. It sounds a bit too modern for my tastes, honestly - aviators? Naval careers? Historical fantasy can be fun but I like it to be more fantasy and less history.

They better keep Tim Benzedrine in this one.

And his Old Lady, too, Dude!

Darn. Guess we’ll just have to wait… because…

as we all know…

“It’s a long way to Temeraire…”

Hell yes.

I just want to see what Smaug looks like when Jackson gets through with him.

Ah yes the lovely Hashberry. Why do I remember this stuff?

Hash, boo, Valvoline!
Clean, clean, clean for Gene!
First, second, neutral, park!
Hie thee hence, you leafy narc!

Must’ve read it at an impressionable age…

Count me in for a double helping! And Andy Serkis simply must reprise Gollum.

Me three! Too bad all script changes can’t be that stupid :wink: Anyway, most of the changes were cuts to keep the movies from being even longer than they already were.