Peter Morris Suspension Question

I had a look in the post on the subject, and I noted something odd. The post suggests there were two actual moderator warnings issued, and then gives links to “Post for which first moderator warning was issued” and “Second moderator warning”. I couldn’t help noticing that the second moderator warning quotes the post under the former heading; was Peter Morris warned twice, seperately, for the same post?

Here’s what happened: Ellen Cherry linked to the first post that he was warned for, but not the second, and linked to the second warning, but not the post that drew that warning. Peter Morris was warned first for this post (warning here), and then for this post (warning here). I’ve made two edits to the suspension announcement to include the additional posts and warnings.

I’m not sure that’s correct. As I see it, Ellen Cherry linked to the post that drew the second warning, and then the second warning post itself (which quoted the first). She didn’t link to either the first post Peter was warned for or the first warning. Hence my question; the linked posts only referred to one post by Peter. If there’d been links to the first post (not the warning one) and the second warning, I could probably have worked it out for myself. Edit: To try and be a bit clearer, in the non-edited original version, Ellen linked to the same posts as your 3rd and 4th links, not your 1st and 4th links, as I believe you’re suggesting.

Just as a general point, I was under the impression that a moderator warning actually involved mentioning that it was a moderator warning. The notes and second warning are certainly quite clear that they are notes/warnings, but were I the subject of the first warning I think i’d assume that it was merely a modly nudge.

You’re correct that Spectre of Pithecanthropus didn’t say something like “this is a warning,” which we usually try to do. But his private message notification to Peter Morris made it clear he was giving him a warning and not just a mod note.

Surely it isn’t simply a matter of the warned person knowing, though? If I hadn’t asked about this, I would have been under the impression from reading the thread that the behaviour for which he was first warned was not warnable behaviour. Edit: Out of interest, what’s SOP for announcing warnings to other Mods in such cases? A quick “I warned Poster in question for this post” post in the Mod forum?

Too, and I honestly mean no offense or anything of that kind, I have to take your word for it when it comes to the contents of private messages.

None taken. And yes, this is why we try to make it as clear as possible in public when we’re warning someone. We forget once in a while and Spectre of Pithecanthropus, fortunately, hasn’t warned too many people during his time as a moderator. I’ll send a reminder around our email loop.

Why is this necessary? Is there not a standard format for these things? Of late, it really seems that its a free-for-all as far as telling if a mod is modding or not.

No, there is not. The private message notifications for warnings are pretty standardized, but when we’re posting we say what we think is needed to get the message across.

He’s a slacker!

Give him a warning for giving too few warnings! More mod-on-mod warnings, dammit!


Thanks, Marley. I have long presumed there was a standard format or such with mod-stuff. My bad. Further thoughts would be for a different thread, of course - Sorry for slight hijack :slight_smile:




Dr. Scott!



Usually a suspension is for a certain time, as opposed to a banning, which is intended to be permanent. What is the length of time on this suspension? It doesn’t say in the announcement thread. Or is that a mod secret?

The notice clearly says one month.

It is the consensus of the moderating staff to place him on a one-month suspension of his posting privileges.