Peter Murphy on the Dennis Miller Show 1992

Does anyone know if there’s a story to this? Peter Murphy sings Cut You Up on the show and then thumbs his nose at Miller at the end of the song and then walks off stage. Miller then says something about Iggy Pop or something.

I only watched his show once or twice when it was on because it wasn’t shown where I lived at the time. I used to love Miller on SNL back in the day (today, eh not so much), and I thought it was too bad that his show didn’t make it.

Anyway, did he have problems with musicians flipping him off after their sets or something?

Thank You so much for the remember when. I literally cranked it up and danced around the computer room. This song makes me dance every time I hear it. I bought the CD many years ago just for this one song and did not care for the rest. This song like a shot of adrenaline. :smiley:

Sorry, I can’t answer your question…

Hey, we watched and recorded this during it’s first run. I can’t see it here at work. I’ll have to dig out the videotape tonight.

He had done 2 songs, The Sweetest Drop and then came back later for Cuts You Up. After The Sweetest Drop, Miller had called him a cross between Ed Grimley and ???*. The video cuts off just before Miller makes the comment and throws to commercial. The thumbing the nose was obviously a good-natured reply to Millers comment.

I’m not sure how to get a good copy of the videotape on the computer.

*(I’ll update this tomorrow)

That would make sense to me. It didn’t seem too bad natured, but the “He’s flipping him the bird!” bit from the YouTuber who uploaded it makes it seem worse than it was.


Ed Grimley & Iggy Pop?