Petite women, your help needed

My niece is pretty tiny and she needs a suit.

She wears a size 0 petite generally. She’s 5’1" and 20 years old.

Any particular designers, lines, or stores you can recommend? We’re in Ohio, so we don’t necessarily have all of the options, but if you just throw out some names we can find out what sticks.

Ann Taylor and Theory sometimes work for me.

I run pretty small, too (5’2, 100 pounds). Good luck!

ETA: I usually end up getting my pants hemmed because they’re obviously never going to fit exactly right. Something to think about.

Also Banana Republic petite line, Club Monaco size 0.

I was also going to say Ann Taylor petite for more formal suits… and Banana Republic (note: most of their petite stuff is only sold online). I have a pair of “martin fit” dress pants from BR and they are perfectly hemmed for 1" heels – I am 5’2". Talbots petites are okay for suits but their casuals are “bleh.”

Banana Republic’s site doesn’t have very good pictures of their dark clothes.

I clicked on this one, for example, and it’s hard even to get an idea of what the outfit looks like:

If you click on the individual pieces, over on the right, you can see them much more clearly.

So, this niece. How may I have the pleasure of making her acquantaince?

The Limited is good. They don’t have a ton of pants in petite lengths, but they will hem any of their pants for you for free.

My very petite 4’11" friend looooves Banana Republic Petites.

I’ve had decent luck with the mix-n-match suit pieces from Van Heusen: all I’ve needed to do is hem things slightly (I’m about 5’2"). They usually have three different styles at any given time, and I’ve noticed they change them seasonally. She’ll want to try them on, as I’ve noticed their sizing in the suits runs different (generally smaller) than the rest of their clothing.

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