Petition to legalise 2D love...

… is on-line, of course. And it has been started by a Japanese man, of course.

Apparently, the petition has over 1000 signatures.

This is hilarious. How can you ensure monogamy with a fictional character? Would you have to pay the creator for exclusive rights? Would the creator be next of kin? How would the mechanisms of sex work in a 2D world, or between a 3D person and a 2D character, other than cutting holes in the paper?

My favourite quote from is this:


And all this time I was thinking the 2D porn ad’s were a joke…

Monday night I dreamt that I had four-dimensional sex. I am not going to downgrade.

Was it two two-dimensional chicks at once? That’s hot!

Nan, that would only be three-dimensional. This was… better. :smiley:

Did it involve a Klein vagina? :smiley:

He just hopes it was a clean one.

Well, there was that extra twist…

Since the fourth dimension is time, I’m guessing your normal type of sex happens instantaneously?


Time is a fourth dimension, just one of many possible. In the dream, it was four spatial dimensions…

So you were able to give yourself a reach-around?


Let’s just say she was nicely curvy.

And oh so twisted!


I’m picturing something like this.

2D Love? Does that mean you can “make it” with characters from Edwin Abbott’s Flatland? Forget it! I hate angular women!
Maybe it means you can get it on with the inhabtants of A.K. Dewdney’s Planiverse. But I find them even creepier that Abbott’s triangles.
And Eck, from The Outer Limits episode Behold, Eck! isn’t any better. Besides, Eck cut a tower in half by passing through it.

Good thing I didn’t mention, dream of, or even think of Momo from Rucker’s Spaceland.