Pewter goblets?

Does anyone regularly drink wine or spirits out of pewter goblets? My father has a pewter mug he drinks cold drinks out of but I wonder if a pewter goblet (in other respects a nice gift idea) would interfere with the taste of wine or beer?

After all, Yoo-hoo tastes much better from the bottle than the can. :wink:

Given the number of Google hits I got when I searched for pewter beer stein (or tankard), I’m pretty sure you’re good to go with the pewter. And although you didn’t ask, all modern pewter is lead-free, so you don’t have to worry about giving heavy metal poisoning to your Dad.

(I do have a pewter goblet from a Renaissance Faire and I don’t recall any unusual taste, but then, I pretty much only use it for Halloween.)

My family has a set that’s been handed down for ages. I’ve never noticed a difference in taste no matter what the drink.

My husband collects goblets. I’ve never noticed beer being a problem in pewter, but I think it effects the taste of wine.