pewter flask... bad idea?

So I got a pewter hip flask as a present. I seem to remember that pewter is a lead related substance. Is it a bad idea to keep my whiskey in it?

It depends on the pewter. I had a plate I bought from a reenactir supplier that was recalled due to the lead content of that batch of pewter. They sent me two replacement plates, packing and stamps to return the ‘bad’ plate. I don’t think that kind of problem comes up very often.

Isn’t lead also more of a developmental limiter? Mostly effects the brain development of children? Not sure what effect it has on adults.

Adult Lead Poisoning.

Best bet is to find out who made the flask. Chances are pretty good that it is lead-free as lead-free pewter is readily available.

Most if not all of the pweter being sold at Faire (Northern) is produly proclaimed as lead-free

ergh… produly = proudly. :smack:

Pewter is predominantly tin (at least 92% for current “American Pewter” standards). The rest may be a number of metals, including antimony, copper, bismuth or lead.

Modern day pewter objects intended for serving food will probably be lead-free. “Food grade” pewter will probably contain copper to make it less brittle, and antimony to prevent tarnish.

I would worry only if it were an antique or made in a third world country, not a modern item made in a nation with safety regulations.