Pewter Flask Markings- any antique experts?

Not sure if this belongs in Cafe Society, but-

I bought a small hip flask like the one shownhere from a charity shop in the UK.

I got it engraved with my friend’s initials and would like to be able to tell her when it’s from. The underside reads- ‘3 OZ’ then a number ‘7’ then ‘War’ (with the ‘a’ and ‘r’ atop a big ‘W’) then a circled ‘92’ a little British symbol and one that looks like a swatch of fabric. It also reads ‘Mad in Sheffield- English Pewter.’
I’m sure that anyone who knows anything about antiques (or, perhaps, England’s military history) can enlighten me.

Also, I’ve already filled the thing with gin. Is that safe? How long will it ‘keep’ in there?

Of course, that’s ‘Made in Sheffield,’ though I do wonder…

Come onnn. I’m not just bumping this up, I gotsta know. Can I just tell her it’s from 1892? And will the pewter muddy up the gin?

Here’s a present day pewter flask you can buy, although another sire said don’t keep alcohol in them for more than 3 days.

You could, but it is probably not accurate. Here is an interesting thread on the subject of pewter marks from someone who seems to know what they are talking about at the rec.antiques newsgroup:

If the flask is from 1892 won’t their be fair percentage of lead in the pewter?

What Is Pewter?

I guess it depends on the quality of the piece, but it appears that by the nineteenth century, pewter was primarily tin and antimony, with only a small fraction of a percent of lead.

WARNING–Highly misleading post, with a risk of surrealism

Piece of pewter in one hand and book in the other, and see which fills up first.