PFF ratings...10 QBs better than Mahomes?

I’m guessing that someone here on the boards has PFF (Pro Football Focus) access. I hope I’m not asking for proprietary information, but on Sunday Night they said that Mahomes was 11th best on the list of quarterbacks. I’m finding that hard to figure. Who the heck are the other 10 QBs that are better than Mahomes? Brady, Jackson, Rogers, maybe Carr and Allen. Sheesh.


I mean, he’s tied 8th/9th for QBR this year, so if that’s some kind of statistical ranking they use for the current year, that’s not a big surprise. He’s had a tougher start this year.

NFL Football Player Stats & Stats Leaders - QB Rating (

After his 61% completion, 2 interception performance against the Bills this weekend, Mahomes has fallen to 14th graded QB.

Tom Brady
Russell Wilson
Justin Herbert
Kirk Cousins
Ryan Tannehill
Daniel Jones
Joe Burrow
Lamar Jackson
Kyler Murray
Matt Ryan
Jalen Hurts
Derek Carr
Josh Allen

I’ve watched a fair number of Chiefs games, and Mahomes is playing some of the worst football of his career right now. He’s been more inaccurate and making some dumb, dumb throws (yes, Patrick, no look passes are cool, but looking also helps you complete the fucking pass).

Of course, remember this is a small sample size, and PFF has other metrics (big time throws/turnover worthy plays) that measure QB value. But, yes, Mahomes is not playing like a top 10 QB right now.

I don’t know if that list is their order or a randomized list of the 13 guys ahead of Mahomes. If that it the order, it seems to me they need to refine their criteria. Kirk Cousins and Daniel Jones are ahead of Kyler Murray and Josh Allen? I wouldn’t put any stock in a list that has that kind of ranking.

That’s the order, but it’s not a “ranking” of best QBs in the NFL. I got a free basic subscription from a gambling site, so I can’t access all their information. They have WARs for players, which might be more your speed, but I cant access it.

PFF player grades are but one metric. Feel free to use your own.

Exactly. It’s not a qualitative assessment of “who PFF thinks are the best QBs in the league” – it’s a rating system, based solely on their statistical performance over the course of the season. And, based on their statistical formula, he’s not among the top QBs in performance, so far this year.

Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the league; he apparently hasn’t played to his usual standards this year (among other things, he’s already thrown six interceptions). FWIW, Aaron Rodgers is apparently rated even lower than Mahomes on the list that Hamlet shared.

Rodgers comes in at #21, behind Taysom Hill. Hill’s overall grade (75.6) is higher despite Hill having an awful 40.6 passing grade thanks to a 90.7 grade in the run game.

And Rodgers has not been as Rodgers-esque so far this year either.

He had the utterly non-Rodgers game on opening weekend against the Saints, and wasn’t particularly sharp against the Steelers, either. Also, if their grades factor in rushing (as it appears they do), he hasn’t had any runs to speak of so far, either.

Small sample size, but I totally understand why he’s not well-graded this year. I should have been clearer in my earlier post – Rodgers (like Mahomes) is still one of the top QBs in the league, but if a rating system is only looking at 2021 statistical performance, he’s ranked lower, and justifiably so.

One thing to point out with PFF scores, is that it’s not something that can be calculated just by looking at the stat lines. For example, a dropped interception would just count as an incompletion when calculating passer rating, but PFF would calculate it almost as bad as an interception. The opposite is true for a ball thrown well but dropped by the receiver. My understanding is Mahome threw a LOT of “interceptable” balls last year and basically got lucky that they weren’t caught. It seems like that is catching up with him this year.

According to PFF’s QB Annual, Mahomes was 13th in turnover worthy throws last year, so just slightly better than average. But he was also pretty high on their “volatility” scale, meaning he attempted many more difficult throws than average rather than checking it down with easy throws.

To no one’s surprise, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson (and Deshaun Watson) were at the top of the list in 2020. Guys like Garopollo, Newton, Goff made very few big time throws, but also protected the ball well with fewer turnover worthy plays. Meanwhile, Mitch Trubisky had a very high turnover worthy throws ratio despite not making a lot of big time throws. Finally, it was Drew Lock who had both a large amount of big time throws, but also a lot of turnover worthy throws in 2020.