PGA Championship thread

Here’s a thread to discuss the PGA championship.

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I’d like to see Phil take this one.

Not a chance. Phil will find a way to head case himself out of it, probably before Sunday. :smiley:

Watch out for Goosen. They say the course is playing very much like an Open course; Goosen is -3 through 8 holes and he does well on tough set-ups.

Course is winning . Ave score is about 75. 3 under leads.

Lefty’s in the house at even, 2 behind the lead.
Man, you’d think he’d be willing to hit 3-wood on the back 9 on Sunday!

So far, I like it. Phil is well within striking distance and Vijay is closer to John Daly than the lead!

Too bad the Olympics are on against the PGA this year. I’ll be doing some major channel surfing this weekend.

I’m giving Garcia decent odds at this point. I think he may finally be learning not to whine and just take his knocks as they come. In fact, I think I’ve just decided to root for him.

Go Sergio!

Phil now tied for 1st. Shaping up to be a good tournament.

Phil should had a good chance, so long as he convinces himself that pars are good scores.

<snort> Phil “Swing for the Fences” Mickelson? Phil “I Never Met a Hole I Couldn’t Birdie” Mickelson? Phil “My Mind Plays Extraordinary Tricks On Me” Mickelson? THAT Phil? :stuck_out_tongue:
That would also be Phil “I’m Now +2 After 16” Mickelson :eek:

My guy, Jim Furyk, had a horrible second day, and is on the bubble for not even making the cut (he’ll make it I think). I haven’t been able to watch much at all, but I thought he’d have half a chance to win it this year. So much for that.

Haven’t had a chance to watch any so far, but I’d love to see Boo Weekley break through. Since he’s only four shots back, I guess there’s a chance.

And I’d love love love to see that turd Sabbatini go down in flames.

On a disappointing note, the guy who runs the driving range where I get my lessons, Jim Estes, missed the cut. I was pulling for him… but there’s always next year.

Considering the scoring so far, I would say that every golfer teeing off tomorrow is in it.

I THINK I’m beyond cheering for the guy. He beat that out of me. But you know I’m forever hoping for someone who will legitimately challenge Tiger. And is there anyone around with more talent than Phil?

Anthony Kim looks like he may be the shit.

Yup. Kim got it, Phil don’t.

Snedeker might turn out to be the real deal as well.
Sean O’Hair might be a Miller or Trevino.

And isn’t Briny Baird putting together a career year!

(We’re pretty harsh getting on a guy with - what? 35 or so victories?)

Just finished watching Caddyshack. “Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had high hopes for Phil ever since his then phenomenal win in 1991 as an amateur at the Northern Telecom (Tuscon) Open. They were long since dashed by the realization that, whatever it is that it takes to elevate a golfer from very good to great, Phil lacks. He’s tasted it, but he simply refuses to drink it regularly.

If Tiger played basketball instead of golf ,Phil would be biggest thing in golf. His achievements would have stood out . His shooting at the hole when safer shots exist would be applauded . I like Phils game even though I hear he is a prick.

I loved looking at Golf Magazine’s leaderboard and seeing:

CUT: Vijay Singh

Also nice to see

Cut: Colin Montgomerie

Ok Phil, keep your head on straight and make a move today.

Right now the tournament is in the midst of a nasty rain delay-frankly they may not start playing again until after 5-6 pm, with many people playing a double-round on Sunday.

I wonder if Justin Rose can keep it together for four rounds or if he will fade in the third as usual.