Phallic image on "Renuzit?"

About three years ago, a co-worker had a can of “Renuzit.” She said that the person who had done the artwork had inserted “something that didn’t belong,” and that that it had been redesigned.

She had a can, and there was definitely something on it that was definitely out of place of the floral arrangement. IMHO, it didn’t really look phallic–it looked more like a finger or thumb–but NOT floral.

Did anyone ever hear of this?

Yep. Saw it for myself.

The nozzle on the top was an obnoxious day-glo pink color, and the majority of the art on the can was pink or red. If I remember correctly, the offending plant was near the seam of the can. I think the name of the scent was something like Fresh Cut Flowers.

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Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

It would have been ironic if Renuzit was made by Johnson and Johnson.