pharmacology of orgasm

Nevermind the circumstances of what brought me to my inquiry (it was personal, alright?), I just want to know what happends pharmacologically in the CNS during an orgasm. Like, are a bunch of endorphins released, or norepinephrine, or some ‘mystery love-hormone’ just shoowshes around and makes us feel good, or what? I am curious.
If we knew all this stuff, couldn’t we create some kind of drug to imitate this effect? I think that would be cool (in a ‘let’s get high’ kind of sense). Anyhoo, smart humans of the internet, unite and reply! Thank you.

Check out this page I found by doing a Google search.
This is a beginning.

Go to and do search with “orgasm chemicals brain” there are too many to list.

You know, it’s been quite some time now and I’m still not too satisfied with these answers. Any DOCTORS in the house that know something factual? I don’t care if you play one on the internet; just tell us what you know. I’d presume it has something to do with endorphins, but what other neurotransmitters are associated? Dopamine, seratonin? Is it just a massive, 10 second release of the goods? Thanks, folk’l.