Phazer Radar Jammer 100% effective!! Does this engineering explanation make sense?

Why, yes. Yes, it does.

I’ve been jammed!

Let’s try again -

Does this explanation of how it works make sense RF engineering wise?

How to make your car invisible to radar and laser!!

Doesn’t work.

Though individal states may not have laws agains this device, it is, in fact, illegal per the FCC. In part:

In looking further apparently one guy has an entire page devoted to why the Phazer is essentially a scam

Rocky Mountain Radar Detector Scam.

Scam, Scam, Scam.

He says it’s a passive jammer, to make it legal. It is legal to sell a passive jammer, since it really jams nothing.

The Radar Community is sharply divided on many things, Rocky Mountain Radar isn’t one of them.

But it’s not legal. Read my link above. The FCC memorandum menstions a different model, but it’s still the same “passive jammer” technology. The upshot is, the FCC will not allow Rocky Mountain Radar to market these devices because they are intended to interfere with licensed RF frequencies.

‘Passive jammer’ ?

How can something be passive and yet ‘reflect’ additional FM components.

You can only reflect the original back, adding anything to it requires transmission.

The only true passive jammer would have to be something that completely absorbed or scattered the transmitted signal.