Phelps and family (WBC) to protest funerals of MN 35W bridge victims

I am posting the pdf for any who want to read it. Reasoning (and I use the term loosely) is that God hates the US because we approve of homosexuality, so He punished us by causing the bridge to collaspe.

I do believe in an afterlife. I hope all members of the WBC spend much of theirs getting it up the rear by demons. I need to go and take a shower.

(Is WBC pitting considered RO now?)

Phelps is a religious leader . He has a direct connection to god and knows what god thinks. If he says it ,it must be true. How can I dispute a man who talks with god.

My question to the Phelch family would be, "What if half of your family were on that bridge when it collapsed? Would it be because God hates you too?

Funny thing is, there’s plenty of people to whom God used to speak to, and then the doctor gave them this pill and God stopped talking to them.

Whenever phelps finally dies, guess what sign I’ll be holding at his funeral? :cool:

‘God hates fags- which is why he killed phelps. he was one.’

Apparently he talks to Bush . Why does he contradict himself so often?

Maybe we’ll see a live broadcast lynching.

But they weren’t, now were they? None of them were in the Twin Towers. Or Iraq. Or the mine explosion. Still think Phelps doesn’t have a straight pipeline to God? :dubious:


You don’t understand the mindset of this type of fanatic. If there had been Phelps family members on that bridge and they died, it would be because the family isn’t working HARD ENOUGH to turn the nation away from gay filth and abomination!

Just keep in mind that at a Phelpsian level of religious delusion, any failure or fault in the universe is their own fault, not God’s. God is not to blame for anything…failure or catastrophe is always caused by weak faith.

Oh come on, unless he has proof that one or more the people killed was homosexual… :rolleyes:

I wonder if this will change the minds of anyone on this board about the appropriateness of laws preventing this kind of protest at funerals.

I was in a very distinct minority supporting such laws, and believing them constitutional. Of course, case law, Congress, most state legislatures and the American public seem to be on my side on this one. This board’s conventional wisdom seems to be an outlier.

Without rehashing the whole thing, which I have little interest in doing, I wonder whether these actions might eventually settle the legal nature of this mess rather soon. Culturally, the debate is quite over.

I am SO tempted to send that dude an e-mail (from a throwaway account, of course) asking why, if all the recent catastrophes are because of “fags” and “fag-enablers”, the number and magnitude of the catastrophes in a given country don’t seem to be in proportion to how “fag-friendly” that country is. Let’s see - gay marriage is only recognized in a few places south of the border and is not recognized at all federally; up here gay marriage is recognized nation-wide and sexual orientation is protected under the Charter (for the nitpickers in the audience, the Charter as interpreted by the courts).

Hmm… You guys had a mine disaster a while back with a bunch of fatalities that Phred took great delight in blaming on fags. We had a mine disaster a while back (Esterhazy SK, if I’m not mistaken) where everyone survived. I don’t recall any disasters up here recently of a similar magnitude as Hurricane Katrina. Yes, we have bridges fall down too, but calling that a major catastrophe seems a bit much. Doesn’t seem to be much correlation with gay-friendliness.

Some quick googling tells me that the hurricane and resulting flooding in Galveston in 1900 is the worst hurricane disaster in US history. I really don’t think there was much “fag-enabling” in the deep south at the start of the 20th century (I would have thought fag disabling would be much more likely :smiley: ).

I would consider Phelps’ protests to fall under the “fighting words” doctrine. Whether he intends to cause a violent response, I don’t know, but it does seem more and more likely as he escalates the vitriol and outrageousness of his protests. A person may yell “fire!” in a crowded theater and not intend a stampede, but it’s not hard to figure out that’s a likely consequence.

I really don’t get their argument. God hates fags, so he kills… some people? I mean, millions of people* don’t* die everyday. Even if he were right (which he isn’t, he’s moron, yadda yadda), his God clearly doesn’t hate gay people that much.

Don’t forget that Sin City, USA (aka Las Vegas) hasn’t been hit with a natural disaster in who knows how long, and San Francisco (aka Fag City, USA) hasn’t had one of epic proportions in about 100 years.

Imagine the signs they’ll be carrying …


Fred Phelps does something unthinkably callous…alert the presses. :rolleyes:

You know what would really piss him off? If he got absolutely no attention at all. It’d be great!

Look, we know the guy’s a schmuck, we know he’s going to act like a schmuck. This can’t conceivably surprise anybody unless they’ve been living under a rock, so why give him any attention at all. I just don’t get it. Why not just let him scream at a brick wall for the few years he has left then let the all the damn unpleasantness die along with him.


But it’s so much fun to make fun of him! :smiley: is one of my favourite comedy sites!

Yep he’s a real life troll. Ban him or ignore him but for gods sake don’t give him any fucking attention!

It’s like a Chick tract. It’s SDMB tradition to put discussion of it in the Pit.

Another chance to link to my favorite study: Do Unnatural Acts Cause Natural Disasters? Proves that homosexuality protects communities against tornados, whereas the presence of Protestants attracts them. God must be trying to send a message, right?