Phelps offers reward for gay basher

This just in from the "the world has turned on its head file:

This in Phelps’ twisted mind is an amazing PR ploy. He’ll undoubtedly point to this in years to come as “proof” of his message. Of course if the guy had died he’d have been there with “Moon’s in Hell” signs…

This also means that Phred and company cannot be sued for “failing to protect”, or whatever it is. There is that snowball’s chance in hell that the (hypothetical) prosecution of any future case against Moon’s murderer (should he end up being killed) could make the argument that Phelps et al. did nothing to dissuade this man from taking lethal action against Moon. It’s more CYA, as I see it, than anything else.

I’m expecting the anti-gay crowd in this country to lift the man’s banner upon hearing this news. “See, he isn’t anti-gay! That picketing is just because he’s … um … in the area! And all those faggits is goin’ to Hay-ull anyhow! One family’s picketing ain’t gonna change God’s plan any more than one man choosing a homosexual lifestyle!”

I was hoping you were going to say he was offering a reward to a gaybasher. I thought he might have finally done something that really could get him put away.

That would be illegal, right? :confused:

I opened the thread because I thought the topic was the same as cuauhtemoc thought.
I think it would be a crime cuauhtemoc.

Conspiracy to commit murder perhaps?
Either that or conspiracy to commit assault.