Phenominon - 10/31/07 2 hr special... NBC's newest low

Although there were some good performances, I thought that the Phenomenon Halloween special was extrememly lame and that NBC reached a new low in TV programming. Could the whole controversy of Chris Angel and Jim Callahan have been more staged? Come on! Jim’s act was underwhelming to say the least, and then his so called “tantrum” after Chris challenges him to read what was inside of 2 envelopes he was carrying was the worst acting I’ve seen. Paris Hilton is a better actor and that is saying quite a bit.

Other noteworthy crap shown last night IMHO were:
Guy Bavli - He seemingly stopped and restarted his heart. I think it would have been much more convincing if he had, oh I don’t know… REMOVED HIS SHIRT to show no gimmicks on his body.

Jim Bardi - He did some lame pendulum divination trick with a bunch of match boxes. Somewhat impressive, but it looked to me like he bought the trick at a magic shop, IMHO.

Wayne Hoffman - Predicted a drawing with a supposed tattoo on his arm, which looked pretty fake to me.

Of all the acts there, the one I like the best was Angela Funovits with her version of Russian Roulette with a knife, hidden amongst the empty tubes.

You opinions?

Don’t forget the nine [sic] planets trick from Oo-ree. Oh gosh, wow! You mean math works!?

I wasn’t going to mention that, but since you brought it up, it was the same illusion as what David Copperfield featured on one of his specials years ago. Interesting, but definitely not paranormal.