Pheromones or loud cologne?

I have a sports bra that hasn’t always belonged to me. It has been in my possession since around Thanksgiving. No, I didn’t steal it or anything creepy like that. It used to belong to someone who lived with us. Since we wore the same size and style they often became mixed up in the laundry. I will start by saying the scent of this person (ah, hell, this person in general) has the ability to drive me absolutely wild. My question is this: I can still smell her scent in the fabric - why? It doesn’t like her cologne, exactly; it smells exactly like HER. I know I’ve washed this bra at least 25-30 times since she left it here. The scent has diminished somewhat, but I can still distinguish it from mine (which are identical in appearance) by sniffing it. Is it her body’s chemistry? Or just leftover Curve, Cool Water, sweat and scented lotion, with a little wishful thinking thrown in for good measure?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s her pheromones or her cologne–the odor molecules are still being carried on little bitty oil molecules from her skin which have embedded themselves in the structure of the fabric. The only way you can get it all out would be to wash it in really hot water with strong detergent, on a Heavy Soil cycle, possibly with some bleach added. This would of course also destroy the bra itself, which if it’s like most sport bras has a high percentage of spandex in it. Hot water and detergent is death on spandex.