Phil Plait's Bad Universe premieres Aug 29th

You’ll have to throw a few Jehosephats in there for the Asimov fans.

Not as good looking as Kari.

I suspect it’s because there isn’t a lot of money in making a TV show that 50 ppl will watch. I also wish there was more info and less flash and quick cuts, but this is the world we live in

I’ll be in my bunk.

I caught a repeat of the second show last night. It dealt with alien invasions. Sorta. Anyway, I actually liked it. He talked about the possibility of bacterial life surviving riding an asteroid (not so much), the problems with accelerating a human (or alien) body to velocities necessary for interstellar travel, possible fossilized bacteria on Martian meteorites. While it was touted as a “series,” I think it’s a test run by the network to see if it warrants ordering up a new batch of episodes. So far, only two have aired, and I don’t know if any others are in the can. Only two “Holy Haleakalas,” I think. His shtick reminds me somewhat of Steve Irwin.