Philip Seymour Hoffman has died.

This year is getting off to a bad start. Pete Seeger and Maximilian Schell were older but Hoffman was only 46.

Whoa. Unexpected.

The only sources I can find for this is WSJ and the NY Post. Hoping it’s not true.

Not on TMZ yet, but the WSJ article sound pretty official.

Or maybe not so unexpected. Apparently he did a stint in rehab last year for heroin.

Wow. That one came out of nowhere.

Geez, I hope not. He’s brilliant.

It’s on TMZ now. They’re virtually never wrong.

Huffington Post also. An amazing actor. Too young. :frowning:

I’ve not seen a lot of his movies as he really came into his own in the last 11 years or so, and I haven’t seen many movies from that decade. The wife tells me he’ll have to be recast in the next Hunger Games. I suggested two guys I sometimes get confused with him. John c. Reilly or Paul Giamatti. But neither one have his gravitas.

Multiple sites, with multiple sources. Fucking hell, 46 is no age at all.

Damn it.

Holy fuck.

Besides Capote I loved him as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous.

The last wee touch at the end of this is fucking wonderful (it’s a bit from Charlie Wilson’s War)

NYP is now saying he had a need in his arm.
Heroin is such an unexpected drug of choice for a non-musician/college-educated/middle-aged guy.

Not to be indelicate, but I wonder if they have recast Plutarch in Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay 1 yet, and if not whether they’re accepting photos and resumes from non SGA members.

Great actor, such a shame.

Another reminder that success, fame, and fortune really have little to do with happiness and satisfaction with life.

You mean in the half hour since his death was announced? Come on.


I’ve liked his work for a long time. And he’s my age. This is sad, sad news.