Philly area (+/-) art and garden lovers

I had never heard of Grounds for Sculpture until recently – one of my suitors took me there yesterday and I was blown away.

The next nice day when you have nothing planned – or even the next time you’re just thinking, “damn, let’s go Do Something” – go check it out. Take your camera and plenty of film, if you’re that way inclined – or just take a nice little picnic lunch or snacks – but get your ass out there and check it out.

I was blown away by the coolness of it. My first visit, but definitely not my last.

I’ll just see your Grounds for Sculpture and raise you roughly 100 miles north to the Storm King Art Center.

Huge sculptures. One is humbled by the sheer scale. Rolling acres, with art everywhere. I have been many times, it is fine and moving in all seasons.

Now I need to drive south to peruse twickster’s offering. It looks positively splendid !

Maybe a DoperWalk of Art could be arranged one fine weekend…


bump for the work-week crowd.