Now, that’s what I call philosophical.

Decartes walks into a bar.
Bartender says “Whatal ya have?”
Descartes replies “I’ll have a beer.”
Descartes drinks the beer in silence
and the bartender asks if he wants another one.
Descartes replies “I think not.” and <poof> vansishes.


Where’s my question?

The watered down version is: what are 1 (or a few) sentence definitions of Nihilism, Objectivity, exilstentialism (sp?), and other philosphical belief’s. I was looking for very basic definitions.

Nihilism — Rejection of the existence of human knowledge and values or denial of the possibility of making any useful distinctions among things.

Objectivism — Ethical self-interest, rationally derived, in a metaphysical context of objective reality.

Existentialism — Emphasis on the primacy of individual existence over any presumed natural essence for human beings.

Libertarian- Thanks! What are a few other types of philosophy?
What was Nietche’s (sp?)

Basically, Nietzsche was a nihilist. There are as many philosophies as there have been people. I recommend The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy if you wish to pursue some introductory study.

This, of course, is the most important thing. Saying “I believe in [name of philosophy” is just shorthand for “I agree with [originator of philosophy, mostly” Nobody with more than three brain cells accepts uncritically every possible inference from the central tenet(s) that philosophy was founded upon.

To take a random example, both Libertarian and I subscribe to the political principle of libertarianism, but this does not mean that we necessarily agree about every application of that principle (and in fact we do not).