Phishing by phone?

I’ve received several calls on my cell phone from an 800 number recently. A recorded message says (something along the lines of “This is an important message from Chase. Please call [the number from which the call originates] extension [something.]”

I do have a Chase Visa card, but they have my home phone number, not my cell phone. I didn’t call the number, but I have a sneaking suspicion they would ask for my account number and security code and other personal information.

I did call the Chase customer service number; I got the basic account info that they automatically give you (balance, next due date, etc.) Nothing about “OMG YR ACCT HAS BEEN FLAGGED!!111!!!1” I hit 0 to talk to an “advisor”, but I got hung up on about 10 seconds into holding. Should I bother to call them again? I can find a form for reporting suspicous emails on their website, but nothing about phone calls. I imagine Chase would like to know that somebody is trying to scam their customers…or if at some point I gave them my cellphone number and this is some kind of lamebrained marketing tactic, I’d like to give them an earful.

I got a weird call from Geico (insurance) on like a Sunday morning at 9:30. The guy says:

“Hi, Mr. XXXXX. In order to prevent any lapse in your service, I need to update your contact and billing information.”

My bullshit detectors went to Defcon 5. I handled it the way you’re supposed to handle any of these kind of potential phishing problems (email or phone). I said: “Tell you what, I’ll give a call back to the 800 number I have listed for Geico and update my information that way.”

“Sure thing”, he said and I hung up. Turns out they really did need to update my information. Go figure.
I’d say call back, maybe late at night so there’s minimal wait time (they should be 24 hrs) and talk to a customer person. It’s very easy for them to pull up your account and see if there are any pending issues. Yeah they might want to know if someone is trying to scam their customers, but they likely wouldn’t do much about it.

Sounds like you’ve entered the world of “vishing”. Here’s a link.

I got the same call, only it was from Citibank, but I don’t have a Citibank card. I called them back, and they started asking for all kinds of personal ID, including my SocSec#. I told them I would not tell them anything, and they said, “Well, then we can’t help you”. I reminded them that they called me, and if they didn’t know what the call was regarding, then our business is concluded.

I’ve been getting a lot of recorded phone messages lately from some organization called Liberty Financial, saying I need to contact them immediately about something really important. I ignore them. If they have anything really urgent, then they can tell me in the damn message.

I am “vishing” that they would stop calling my cell phone. They’ve called 4 times, and it’s getting annoying. I have deliberately chosen not give out my cell phone number to anyone except family or people who have a specific need to get in touch with me for a specific purpose when I’m not home, and I don’t appreciate the f’in thing ringing all hours of the day and night.

Can you get an 800 number through VoIP? Or is it possible to spoof a number when calling from VoIP? Gads, I hope not!

It has been my experience no legitimate financial firm will ever call you up to verfify your personal details over the phone.

Call the phone company. They’re usually pretty fierce about defending against phone fraud, perhaps more than the credit card company would be.

Don’t call me. I’ll call you!

Nitpick: Last time I checked, “DEFCON 5” meant “peacetime,” and “DEFCON 1” meant “World War III.” Is this still correct?


OK, so the attribution is a bit of overkill. So now you know the rest of the story.