Phoenix dust storm video

Pretty cool video (about 3/4 of the way down) and stills of the onset of “monsoon season” in Phoenix. And with appropriate apocalypic music!

It hit 118 there several days ago and has hovered near that since. Crazy weather. Makes me want to be there just to experience it.

:eek: I had no idea it could get that dark inside the storm! Can you even breath in there?

Yes, but not without getting dust in your teeth!

I was outside playing tennis when it rolled into my part of town. I waited about a minute to see if it would be one of those dust storms that is over quickly, but it wasn’t. The walk to the car wasn’t fun and involved much walking with the eyes closed. Drive home was a greatly reduced visibility.

We live north of Phoenix and Scottsdale, much higher, yet we got hit with it too.
It was a humongous dust storm over the entire Valley. These are not unusual in the southern part, but we never had one up here before. The blacktop roads are all covered with dust, looks like a snowstorm. Everything else too, windows, cars, trees, cactus are coated with dust. I’m hoping we have another good rain tonight to wash it all away.

Staying indoors today.

Here’s a photo of my previously-clean car after last night’s Haboob.

Interestingly, my car looks pretty much the same and it was parked in our carport (which is covered on 3 sides and the top, of course) the entire time. That’s some serious dust.

At one point we couldn’t see the neighbors house across the (residential) street.

On the upside, “haboob” sure is a fun word.

I am really glad I didn’t wash my car last night. I have the general misfortune of getting my car washed right before a rain, which is pretty annoying considering how rare rain is in general here. I thought about getting it done yesterday afternoon, decided that between my luck and the humidity in the air we’d be getting rain in a day or two, and left off for a day.

What upsets me most is I missed it entirely! I was stuck inside my house working late, and I usually keep my windows closed. There was zero indication anything was happening. I would have loved to have seen it for myself rather than just pictures.

Huh, my car used to look a bit like that in Georgia during spring when the pine trees were gettin’ it on.

That was one impressive looking storm. I’ve never been in one, but maybe someday I will. [Spock]Fascinating.[/Spock]

The photos and video of that thing are jawdropping.

And my new favorite word is “haboob.”

My stoner brother and his friend were obessing over that word…we were watching the Weather Channel as there was nothing else on…lol

Mine too; also parked in a car port, except for the first 10 mins or so.

Heck, it’s two days later and I still feel dusty.

How long did the storm last? Like, if you were standing in one place.