Phone *ahem* Actress?

So I’ve been looking into picking up a part time, at home job to help alleviate this impressive pile of debt I seem to have crawled under over the last couple of years.

In my searches on the internet for work-from-home opportunities, one that caught my eye was

I’m assuming this is an opportunity to be a phone sex operator. While this isn’t the most glamorous prospect, it does seem like it’d be a piece of cake and possibly rake in some decent pocket change.

Does anyone have any experience with this company or companies like this that they’re willing to share with me?

Thanks. =)

Ever see the movie Short Cuts? :slight_smile:

Or Girl 6?

I did that several years ago, though not with that particular company.

It was easy, it was good money , and it was a lot of fun at first. You do get exposed to a really diverse cross section of society, male and female. Ocassionally, you do get someone that just wants someone to talk to them. IIRC, I got two, maybe three, callers that set my warning buzzers off and I hung up, called the switchboard and they blacklisted the guys. Since the clients did not directly call the operators, we were pretty sure of our safety.

But after awhile it got pretty boring. When realized I was dusting or folding laundry or cleaning out the litter box while moaning “Oh, yes, baby…right there…ohhhh” like a script, it was time to go.

How much do you make?

Was it the old show ‘Sisters’ about 10-15 years ago that had one of the three 30 something sisters work as a phone sex operator. She ended up taking a call from her sister’s husband.

Phone Actress?
“Hi. My name’s candy. I’ll be your phone actress this evening. This is Blake, your phone actor on the other line. We’re really into Shakespeare. Are you into Shakespeare? We’re going to to the window scene from Romeo and Juliet. Does that make you hot? It sure makes us hot.”

Arden, you’re my new hero. =)

Indy, that’s what I’m wondering too. What is the average payscale for this line of work?

And how do you open the call?

The calls were set like a three way confrence call from the main office, where they took all the credit card information (the company I worked for did it that way, anyway). This way, they could occasionaly monitor our calls for ‘quality control’. Frankly, I think they just liked to listen. They would put the client on hold, call me, and give me whatever information I needed-what the client wanted, what his name was, etc… That’s how you know how to open the call. You have to know that stuff so you know if he’s been a bad boy or if you’ve been naughty. :wink: Usually they had pretty specific scenarios in mind.

After I hung up, the client was routed back to the switchboard, at which time he could, if they so desired, tip me. My checks were direct deposited to my bank and a statement was sent to me with the details, including who tipped and how much. I averaged about 5 calls a day. The most I had in one day was 14. I had to take the next day off and rest my voice. My biggest check, IIRC, was close to $700.00 for two weeks in 1991.

I’ve looked into it again recently and it didn’t look to me like the pay was nearly as much as there are so many business now offering the service. Although it wouldn’t be too terribly expensive to set up your own service these days either.

Were you doing it full time or part time? How long did these phone calls generally last?

Am I hounding? Hah. I’m excited about this. I’ve never known anyone who’s done it before, despite a number of threats to quit the day job and give it a try made by several of my friends.

Too cool.

It was about 3/4 time. I had another job that was a couple nights a week and weekends.

The average call was about 20-30 minutes if they wanted a scenario (ya know, naughty school girl in the headmaster’s office kinda thing). 10-15 if it was just straight out dirty talk. Though I did have some that went over an hour.

Hi, another former “phone actress” here. With the company I worked for, I got straight pay (IIRC, it was in the neighborhood of $8.00/hr.) plus bonuses. The bonus was based on number of “requests”, i.e., how many guys asked for me specifically. I worked full-time, and ended up grossing something like $15.00 an hour once I was established and the guys knew me. With our company, the guys bought a block of time. I think it was $25.00 for 15 min. or $40.00 for 30 min. They called the office, then the office called me and told me what the guy was looking for, then patched him through. I kept a card file with all my customers so that when a guy called back asking for me personally, I could refer to his card (the operator would say something like, “John from Topeka is requesting you”), and seem as if I actually remembered him, his preferences, our previous conversations, etc. Considering I never had to leave my house, expenses were low, etc. it wasn’t a bad job.

As a side note, one night (on a night off. I was sleeping soundly), the phone rang, and it was an obscene caller. The guy says “I wanna lick your pussy”. Well, he’d woken me from a sound sleep, so I said “what?” and he repeated “I wanna lick your pussy” I said “Listen, bud, you wanna talk to me like that, your gonna have to pony up your forty bucks like everyone else?” and hung up on him. Poor sap probably didn’t know what hit him. :slight_smile:

Anyone ever listen to Loveline?

There was a call not too far back from a ‘Phone Actress’ who had a problem with her clients getting off too fast, and thus not paying as much. Adam advised her to try and work in some subliminal messages (in the vein of subliminal man on SNL). She gives it a few tries and can’t get it, until this gem comes out:
“Hey baby, whats up?”
“Mmmm yeahhh mmm… I’m just lying here in my panties Mmmm yeahh thinking about the holocaust…”

I don’t think she knew what subliminal meant.