PhonyPermanent IP --> some web site does that for DHCP'ers?

I dimly recall mention of some site that can issue you a “permanent IP address” and somehow, in some unremembered fashion, it manages to know what your DHCP address du jour happens to be and it forwards the traffic accordingly.

I have a temporary-only need for my auxiliary computer to have an IP address that will stay freaking PUT for a few days. I know of some moderately complicated workarounds, but if there’s an easier trick, I should use it.

Both boxen are MacOS X computers. The one I need port-forwarded will actually be getting its true IP from a DSL connection, which comes in courtesy of Verizon, and which does not reliably stay the same address for any duration you could specify (I’ve often noted down the IP at the uptown office, commuted home, and remoted in, but perhaps one time in every 6 the IP has already been changed to who-knows-what and I can’t access it until next time I’m uptown).

I’m not sure how this “register your non-permanent computer on our website and we give you a phony-permanent IP” could work unless there’s some kind of “push” application on my machine that calls home periodically to say “yo, I’m over here now”, but I could actually live with that, I think.

There is no way to do this without the cooperation of your ISP.

What you might be thinking of is something like Dynamic DNS, where a little background service on your computer periodically updates a DNS server with your new IP. You can then use the domain name with reasonable certainty that it will get through to whatever your current IP is. I’ve used No-IP to great success for this purpose. (And they have a MacOS client.)

I just had a “duh” moment and realized I can have FileMaker Pro email me the damn IP every time it changes. Or rather check every half hour and email me if the current IP is different from the one it had last time it ran, which is effectively the same thing.

I’ve used DynDNS for years, it works great as well. Mac client too.

Some routers have dynamic DNS clients built in - in which case you don’t need the service to run on your computer.

Ha! It works!

I just got an email from the uptown computer to let me know its IP address is not what it was 30 minutes before. :slight_smile:

Made some quick changes in my local dev files and there’s my dataset. No routers or additional software of cooperation of my ISP necessary = √√√