Photo ID vs Driver's License

My friend got a DUI and doesn’t have his driver’s license at the moment. He also doesn’t have a job, and his lack of photo ID is keeping him from applying for some positions (for example, the local temp agency requires one). Yes, he is a real winner…

He hasn’t gone to trial yet and there is a faint possibility that he will be acquitted and get his license back after his trial date in a few weeks.

Someone told him that he can’t have a state-issued photo ID and a valid driver’s license at the same time, so if he gets the ID now it “invalidates” his license, and he’ll have to get a new license and ditch the photo ID if/when he gets it back. He’s not the most motivated person, and doesn’t have too much money at the moment, so if this is true I can’t see him being gung-ho about getting the ID.

I can’t seem to find any info about photo IDs in Ohio online. When I search there’s a lot of chaff about voting rights and photo IDs but I can’t find a real fact sheet.

Does anyone know what the deal is with photo IDs? Will it be worth it for him to get one before his trial in a couple weeks?

Also, is it going to be a complete pain to get the ID since he doesn’t have an ID to begin with? I assume he’ll need a birth certificate and SSN card…let’s hope he has those…

For anyone who’s skimming - this is in Ohio.

I found this.

That doesn’t sound right at all. One is purely identification, the other authorizes the person to operate a motor vehicle.

Besides, when I got my DUI back in 1990, they didn’t confiscate my actual physical drivers license, so it was no problem.

That’s true, but it’s the case in most situations I’ve seen. This is the case in Ohio. From the link:

Tell him to get a passport. It trumps all other forms of ID and is definitive for all government forms that you need to fill out to get a job. I would guess that he doesn’t have much money but you can get one in a few weeks the standard way. If it is imperative that you need a Passport right away, there are agencies that you can pay several hundred dollars to get one within 48 hours. I live in the Boston area and got one expedited for something like an additional $110 dollars for overnight processing and the whole process was done in less than 24 hours although it took some effort.