Photographers: Least and most favorite subjects?

I was looking at a food advertisement an thought “I bet that is fun to shoot.” But then I thought maybe not, maybe it’s the worst, I don’t know. Then I wondered if those newborn photo sessions are fun, or a right hassle. Engagement photos? Weddings? Sunsets? Mountains?

What do you like to shoot, and what is a total pain in the ass or a bore?

I’m not a photographer, but I gotta believe wedding shoots are among the worst. You can just picture some Bridezilla with unrealistic expectations whining about the lighting, the cost, or how you didn’t get enough shots of soandso.

I am a passionate amateur wildlife photographer, especially birds. I will patiently slog through marshes and brave mosquitos, or wait for hours and hours in a tiny hide/blind for the perfect intersection of interesting animal behaviour, filling as much of my viewfinder as possible, with a visually interesting or artistically soft-focused background (bokeh), in beautiful light conditions, which are usually around sunset or sunrise.

Remove the animal, and I have NO CLUE what I’m doing. I’ve posted threads before asking how to improve my landscape photography, which looks boring and flat to me. I’ve taken photos of friends’ kids, doing ridiculous things, but they’re by no means cute or entertaining, just weird.

Whitewater rafting is the best. You get spectacular wipeouts but no one really gets hurt. Weddings where someone close to the bride thinks they know photography are the worst.

That’s sorta me as well. I’m actually not a terribly great photographer, but I get the occasional passable wildlife shot. But while I love landscapes, I have no eye for them at all. Macro photography is something else I enjoy, but don’t usually have the patience to do it right ( especially lighting, I hate carrying flash equipment and tripods ).

Meanwhile I have next to zero interest in photographing people. This despite enjoying the work of others that do.

Interesting topic. Some of my best work over the years has been people - portraits, candids, etc.

However, I most enjoy shooting man-made objects in disrepair. Decrepit barns, abandoned cars with weeds growing through them, abandoned urban buildings, old tractors.

Sunsets bore me to death.

For video: sports - you have to pay constant attention, roll on most everything, and at large events, drunken moronic crowds.

My favs are ghost towns. I’d love to get into an old amusement park from the 20’ and 30’s.
Next fav are critters, then landscapes.

I simply refuse to photograph people unless someone insists and wants the pic for themselves.

Of course, I haven’t taken a photo in 20-some years.

A hint to those wanting an easy way to make your outdoor shot more interesting:
The hour after the sun sets is called “the golden hour” - anything you shoot will be bathed in a gorgeous warm light.

A good photog doesn’t need photoshop.

If I may…

The golden hour is the period approximately one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

Also, a good photographer may not need Photoshop specifically, but there isn’t a pro around who does not post-process his or her work.

Least favorite-- people!

Favorite-- anything without people!

Glad I’m not the only one.

Especially when I’m traveling. Everyone is shooting each other standing in front of everything. I’m the guy waiting for them to get the hell out of the way. Sometimes I have to take several shots, then work some Photoshop magic to get rid of the people.

I see I have a lot in common with earlier posters.

Loves: Waterfalls and other moving waters; anything abandoned, rusting, and/or decrepit (esp. castles); close-ups of flowers; birds and other critters; landscapes; the Milky Way.

Strongly Dislike: People (although I have been practicing portraits a very little bit in the hopes of someday making some money on my hobby)
We need some more photo talk here on the SDMB. There is an SDMB Flickr group, but it’s been inactive for a few years. I’ve thought about trying to revive it. I’d love to get more people talking and sharing, critiquing, discussing technique, etc.

One more vote for NO PEOPLE. I’ll gladly snap the visiting-friends-and-family stuff, but otherwise, no interest.

I too love to shoot decay. There’s something about the inherit story that can be caught in a photo. Signs, cars, dead buildings, interesting industrial rust.

Like this? I don’t have Photoshop, but this seems like an amazing use for it…

I’m a wedding photographer, so, naturally, I like weddings and engagements. I guess it does take a certain type of person to do it, but I’ve enjoyed it. I like dogs, too. Sports is fun and challenging. Journalism is my background, so people stuff is what I like. As much as I like food, I actually do not like taking food photography. I’m also generally not enamoured with studio photography in general, preferring to work in the field (although sometimes supplemented with studio lights.) And no on maternity shots for me. I do weddings; I do the occasional newborn (and that can be tough), but I just can’t imagine doing maternity. Not my thing, and I always outsource that when asked.

From the air with a mapping camera doing oblique work of my own choosing with color film color positive film.
Critters with habitat in the shot.
Field close ups of insects, mold, shrooms, bark, etc…

I’m another ‘no’ on people. Too many people get uncomfortable and freeze up when having their photo taken, or get picky and fussy. They make me uncomfortable and that just makes everything worse. If there’s an event going on and the people in question are too absorbed in what they are doing to notice me (sports is a good example), then it’s OK, but still my least favorite thing to do.

I enjoy wildlife, pets and architecture the most. Macro stuff is OK too, but I have to be in the mood to do it because it takes a lot of patience.

I don’t mind shooting people (err…taking pictures of them I should say ), but I tend to wait for the spontaneous moment rather than poses. Boring, and just doesn’t capture the moment of people having fun.
Although studio work is an art into itself, I just don’t have the temperament for it.

I love macro and I have the glass, and as mentioned up thread, abandoned property - old barns around here have recently captured my interest because of the textures of decay, the wood that it has been built from the 1800’s, the tales they could tell, etc.

When the sunlight is just right, the texture of the whole structure comes to light. If I can time it right, sunlight coming through the cracks and flaring in the lenses, revealing the once-in-a moment view…a technique that took me some time to understand. And yes I now carry a tripod around as it is essential to my style and looks cool on the front on my handlebars along with the acoustic guitar strapped to my back. :smiley:

I might be riding my bike and see a run-down barn on a dirt road and hop off, asking permission to take a few. I have met some kind people this way, and they do have stories to tell.

Great thread. Hope to hear some more tales of photography.

My favorite image was captured this way. I was driving in the country looking for old barns to shoot. I saw a couple of older men standing around shooting the breeze in front of an interesting looking barn. I stopped, asked permission, and was instantly given free rein of the property.

Around back I found a treasure: a very old tractor that, to me, was simply gorgeous. I snapped away.

This photo won me first prize in a photo contest.

I am going to get dreadfully Philly-sofical here, but meeting people off the map, down little-traveled roads has enriched my life. There is a place in Arkansas, way off the highway, where Misses and Mister D, let me photo their porch, ala 1920 style, in B&W. With them sitting stoically on their rocking chairs, then inviting us in to eat fried chicken, home-made baked beans and corn bread.

I miss them and have lost contact, but I encourage any budding photo-geeks out there to be kind, be polite, and engage with respect and clean up the dishes before you leave. :cool:
Sadly all those and other photographs have been lost to a failed hard-drive, so back up your files.