Photographers - what camera for a beginner?

I am very interested in learning amateur photography. I would like to know what sort of equipment I need to be ready to buy (brand names, approx prices). Also, any other advice is welcome…


I would personally start out with a nikon n60 or 65. They are pretty easy to learn and manipulate. Also check out at he Canon AE series. You can get the Canons cheep used.

-Rev Bloodytoe

You should get a Canon EF-M body with a 50mm lens. This is a camera you can use on full manual to get to learn different photographic techniques. $200 CDN and I’ll throw in a free flash.

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eunoia - sure, will you accept a bad-third-party-out-of-state cheque?

Spend your money on lenses. They are what take the picture. The camera itself just holds the film. Well, it also should have an accurate light meter in it, so you don’t want a totally poor camera. But I would recommend you spend less on getting fancy features and use the money on good lenses. I don’t know that much, but in the Pentax line I got an ME super for maybe $150 canadian, and then spent $400 on a 100-300mm lens and another $180 or so on a macro-focussing 28-80 (iirc, I can’t be bothered to get off this comfy couch to double-check the specs :slight_smile: ) Of course, since you don’t specify what type of photography interests you (landscapes, wildlife, nature, portraits, human interest, sports/ action, etc.) you might want a totally different lens assortment.

Not to cast aspersions upon the views of other posters, I must ask-what is your purpose? If new to photography, you’d be well advised to spend a modest amount on a manual 35mm SLR and experiment with Tri-X. Color does not necessarily=better.

While the market abounds with wonderful equipment, replete with every feature to be imagined, there is something to be said for basic stuff, and taking the time to become one with the subject.

Canon and Nikon are good choices, in that accessories are plentiful. Check out local camera stores that sell second hand equipment, as well as pawn shops. I’ve gotten killer deals via both venues.

Good luck-photography is fun!

I don’t disagree with anything danceswithcats has said. The Canon EF-M was the camera I bought when I started taking courses in photography (using Tri-X incidentally), I just never use it anymore.

Poysyn, it’ll have to be cash, certified cheque or gold bullion only, since Christmas 2001 you have a reputation for unreliability.:smiley:

I bought a Nikon FM10 (50mm) when I first started my photogrpahy classes. It’s a great fully manual camera for beginners. Good luck :wink:

This thread should help some, too.

Welcome to photography, btw. Just relax and enjoy.