photomosaics and large-scale printing questions

Hi all:

Today’s question is a two-parter. I would like to make a photomosaic from some photos I have scanned into .jpegs (scanned in at 600 dpi).

Question 1: What software would you recommend to generate the photomosaic? I have downloaded “AndreaMosaic,” and played around with it, although I’m probably not using it to its best advantage. What parameters and/or settings should I be concerned with? Are there other programs people would recommend?

Question 2: Once I have generated the mosaic, I would like to print the image in a large format (say, 3 ft square) on fabric. What are my options? I initially thought of printing the image out in sections onto iron-on transfers, but there has to be a better way. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Most of the large format inkjet printers will print on all kinds of material, including cloth all the way up to heavy canvas. You just have to find a sign shop or service bureau in your area to have it done. There are plenty of sources on the web for that kind of printing, but I have found when I’ve had to buy that type of work commercially, it’s incredibly helpful to be able to stop by and view a proof before they print the whole thing.
eta: These guys have done great work for me in the past. No affiliation.

There’s metapixel for Linux, command line only.

This guy made a GUI for it but I have not tried it.