PHOTORAMA! send me your dopefest pictures

I’ve created a photo album for the Teeming Millions… view it here: Photo-Rama

You can comment on the pictures directly (just use the “post comment” buttons) or view them at any size (click on the dimensions you want in the drop-down menu)

If you want pictures in it, just send them to me (preferably in a zip file) along with a description of what in the name of heck they are…

I’m especially looking for pictures from dopefests/gatherings, but also pictures of the Dopes in general, including pictures of your kids, etc. You will be able to link to these pictures, so if you wanted to put up some pics before but didn’t want to set up a website, this is another option.

A requirement that doesn’t seem to apply to you. Or are we supposed to guess who these people are? I think I saw Jerry Pournelle in one of them. :wink:

Thanks, Opal!

I just dropped in what I already had. I’m still in the process of labelling the Maryland pictures, the others I have no clue. I had them on a page previously here: 快三平台注册送18-电子平台送免费体验金

I just dropped a wad of cash on a good digital camera. A magnitude better than the toy you saw me using when you paid us a visit to us in Phoenix. Until the new wears off I’ll be annoying the shit out of everyone with it. I suspect that should last through the LA fest in october (the new, the camera should last much longer). My underwater housing will arrive tomorrow so it will be beer, tequila, swimming pool, hot tub and hurl proof.

Here is the url that makes it match :

(I have it linked from the TM Homepage and from the FFF… it matches each site depending on what theme you use. Ok, so I’m anal)