Photos and Videos from my Fantabulous Juggling Wedding Extravaganza

I don’t have the official photos yet, but I’ve got some pictures up that people took at the wedding. Also, I have the video that I made that played at the wedding that tells the story of how we met (and rumors of how we met) with Very Fancy special effects… there are also several videos that people took at the reception and then uploaded to YouTube.

Wedding and Reception

A Juggling Romance–How Dan and Katherine Met

Groom/Best Man Dance

Me Juggling Knives

Dan and His Dad Juggle Around Me

Lots of Juggling

This is the video that played (partially*) before the ceremony at our wedding (though I did add some stuff later, since I had some time). Dan and I met in 2004 at a juggling festival in Buffalo, NY. This is a retelling of that story, with some…err…artistic liberties taken. And fancy special effects. Very fancy.

A Juggling Romance–How Dan and Katherine Met (smaller video)

A Juggling Romance–How Dan and Katherine Met (full-sized video)

Heh…great stuff. I especially like your mother’s rendition of the story.


Congratulations! Looks like a fun wedding.

Impressive! You know, if it weren’t for gravity, anybody could learn to juggle! (Quoting a Bill Nye Episode…as I often do.)

Not often you see a bride juggling knives. Looks like a hell of a party!

Congrats again!

Awesome video, and congratulations!

If I werer a newlywed groom watching my bride juggle knives, I’d start shopping for Kevlar shorts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only juggle 3 of them. My husband can juggle 5 knives and not even bat an eye.

She insisted that her bit go last. I was impressed that she would make a joke that essentially implied that the idea of us going to an abstinence conference was ludicrous, given how very anti-premarital-sex she is. Apparently she’s accepted it enough now that she can make jokes :slight_smile:

I had to cut a lot of the Flying Karamazov Brothers’ segment because it was in Italian and I didn’t know what it said, and it was long… bu the rest of their bit was quite silly :slight_smile:

Finally got the wedding photos! (not just ones taken by guests)

Congratulations. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

You have magic! Best wishes to you and your husband, Opalcat.

It is nice to see one of my favorite posters at such a great time.

Hugs for the bride!

I love the roomba as the ring bearer! Did you have it sweep up the rose petals later?

Haha, no, the battery was low at that point :wink:

Can you actually program the roomba’s movement? I thought the idea was that it moved randomly and eventually covered the whole cleaning area, but had some way ti find its way back to the docking station to recharge.

The one we have (the Roomba Scheduler) has a remote control that lets you steer it around if you so desire. So our guy who escorted the flower girl down the aisle had the remote and steered the thing down the aisle.

I don’t know you, apart from posts here, but you looked beautiful. And any bride who juggles and likes lakes and sunsets… well… damned. I’m envious of Dan!

Congratulations. Long may you juggle.

aw, thank you. :slight_smile:
I’m at the lake right now as a matter of fact, and it is raining and I can hear the rain falling through the trees… I love it up here. And now that we’ve moved to the Boston suburbs, it’s less than a 3 hour drive to get here! We can be up here any weekend we please!

(And part of our vows included promising to be each other’s juggling partner for life, so yes, long may we juggle!!)