Photos of Apollo landing sites

These interesting photos from NASA show excellent detail.

I wonder how the moon hoaxers deal with this. Presumably they believe that another generation of NASA folks is dedicated to perpetuating the hoax.

Screw the hoaxers… that’s just all kinds of kickass.

Any chance they’ll get sharper images of the Apollo 13 landing site. I’d love to see the Aquarius after all these ye… wait, WHAT?! Why wasn’t I told about this!?

But seriously, I’d love to see sharper images of the Apollo 11 site. I hope they plan on capturing that.

This is cool. I knew the improved images were due but they seemed to be taking their time releasing them. Worth the wait though!

Always been fascinated by the Apollo missions. I keep forgetting that they managed to hit a landing site within walking distance of one of the Surveyor landers.

Meanwhile, for some reason in images like these my lying eyes always insist that I am looking at raised bumps in the surface rather than craters. Anyone else find it impossible to view the terrain relief correctly?

Yes–if you turn the image upside down, they will usually resolve correctly.

The problem is that the pictures still aren’t high enough resolution to convince anyone who actually doubts the moon landings. There are a few ‘things’, ad some ‘tracks’. There’s still no way to tell simply from looking at the pictures out of context that there’s anything man-made in them.

They’re still incredibly cool pictures, but they’re not going to convince a single ‘hoaxer’.

Nothing will convince a “hoaxer”. No matter how clear the photos they won’t be convinced. They’ll just claim that they’re CGI. Never mind that that would mean that there are still people actively maintaining the hoax generations later.

Hell, if you flew them to the moon and showed them the sites up close they’d probably say that they had been drugged and hypnotized.

Wrong. You have to look at the image from behind the screen.

Nun uh. You have to slightly cross your eyes until you see a sailboat.

Sailboat? that’s crazy talk, man, it’s a dolphin.

Beautiful picture of Pete Conrad with the Surveyor 3 probe here.

Almost nothing will convince a hardcore hoaxer, but I’ve had success with convincing a couple that simply didn’t know better by pointing out the sheer number of people that would need to be involved in a conspiracy.

Okay… yeh, I think I’m doing it wrong. Wait, does the dolphin have a huge penis?


Who’s going to pay for that damage to the lunar surface? :stuck_out_tongue:


The lunar astronauts could fairly claim it wasn’t exactly in mint condition before they landed.