Photos of the Tucker Restoration

These aren’t all the photos I have, but they’re all the ones I’ve managed to get uploaded. Not only are there photos of the one I worked on, but also of the remains of an unfinished body, one that was hacked up to make a conertible (but never finished), and the remains of one of the cars that was destroyed in a fire.

Good work. Whatta car!

I restored a '30 Model A Victoria years ago, and it had to be a work of love, or never would have finished it. Worst part for me was replacing the upholstery and headliner, but finally got my wife to help. Actually, to do it and I helped.

At least with the Model A, other than the above, almost everything mechanical can be fixed with a wrench, screwdriver or pliars.

Keep at it.

Cromwell is dead.
Long live Charles, instead!

Tuck, that’s a beautiful paint job, but couldn’t ya have made it a little less Miss. State Maroon and a little more Ole Miss Red??


Probably 27 years ago or so, I was staying with my grandmother.

My Uncle liked to restore old cars as a hobby. He stored several of the old cars in my grandmothers backyard, before he either sold them off, or started working on them.

One fine spring day, I found a hatchet in the shed.

I whiled away some time, chopping on exposed roots, old pieces of wood in the alley, and the spokes to some very old car tires that were attached to a very old car.

It’s the closest my uncle has ever gotten to hitting me that I know of.

It’s something I feel bad for everytime I think about.

Really apropos to nothing, but I figured some of you folks in this thread could appreciate it. hehe…

(awesome restoration, btw. Very snazzy looking car.)

Beautiful car, and it looks like you’re doing great work with it. Will you be able to make the headlight turn with the wheels? (Wasn’t that a Tucker thing?)

Ah, you must have missed the sordid story of what happened during the restoration. I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version of events: The owner of the company doing the restoration was a bit of a crook. Not visible in those photos is that much of the bodywork was Bondo. I wound up getting fired from the job, due to something unrelated to the restoration. The restoration went on without me (and apparently had a number of problems, that could have been avoided if they’d bothered to listen to me or done the job properly to begin with). After the car was delivered to the owners, they discovered a number of problems, which the restoration shop apparently failed to correct the problems in a timely manner. Numerous lawsuits followed, with the restoration company folding in May. Rumor has it that one of the owners of the restoration company is in jail. I reported him to the SEC some months ago for advertising franchise opportunities, when there was no possible way that he could meet the commitments such agreements would entail.

With the company gone, I’m no longer bound by the NDA, so I’m slowly working at getting everything organized that I can put together the book on the cars.

NinetyWt, believe it or not, that’s the original color of the car. The guy who painted it had close to 50 years experience, and this was the second time he’d done a Tucker.