Photoshop 4.0 Glitch

This is an infrequent, but annoying problem that crops up when using Photoshop to alter photos that have been downloaded from the Net.

On perhaps 1-2% of the images I modify, after saving the revised image Photoshop will no longer be able to load the image, explaining in the error window “…because JPEG marker segment length too short.”

Now, first of all, this only happens with images that have been downloaded from websites – never with images I scan myself or load from drives or disks. Second, there seems to be no rhyme or reason (no commonality) to the sources from which these problem images come. And finally, this ONLY happens if, after making my modifications, I simply use “Save” to save the altered file. If I use “Save AS” to do it, no problemo.

I try to just use “Save As” as a constant to be safe, but as it does involve a few extra steps and keystrokes/clicks (OK, I’m being lazy here…) I sometimes find myself falling back into the comlacency and simplicity of using “Save” until the next problem child comes along.

My question…is this a glitch with the Photoshop software, or is there some property or variable in a small percentage of JPG files that causes this?

Hmmm…I use PS 7 at work and when I try to SAVE an altered downloaded JPEG it automatically goes into SAVE AS mode. Maybe it is a glitch.