Phrases for IT T Shirts

“The longer you talk to me, the longer it will take me to fix it.”

“I’m here because you broke something.”

“Tell me how important your stuff is; it will make it easier to repair.”

“Have you tried turning it off and on?”

“I have no idea what bizarre combination buttons you pushed before I got here.”

“404 IT tech not found.”

THIS is the “any key” (optional arrow pointing down)

Do you really want to be impatient when I know your passwords?

RTFM. (Maybe that’s more for tech writers, but it’s still funny.)

“Sorry it took so long.”

“I apologise for my brusque telephone manner.”

“Yeah…uh, I’m afraid I may be a little out of my depth.”


“Just tell me the problem. I don’t need your whole life story.”

“No, you did NOT do nothing. What did you do, and how many times have I been here before and said to not do that?”

Jesus saves.

Why the hell didn’t you?

“I’m from IT and I’m here to help you”.

I actually said this a couple of weeks ago. And no, I could not keep a straight face.

Two people have access to your home directory: you, and me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete your files.

I’ve got one from the makers of a log analysis tool:

Finding your faults, just like Mom

One I’d like:

I can see the syslog. Stop lying about what you’re trying to do.
When it all goes pear-shaped, just remember:

There’s no place like ::1, or if you haven’t updated to IPV6 yet, There’s no place like

“I’ll be right back.”

“I can remember my passwords. Why can’t you remember yours?”

Error code

ID 10 T

Lots of them already made and ready to be bought at think geek.

My S.O. made me a shirt that said “IWTFM”. He’s an engineer and feels there is no need for him to RTFM, right up until he FUs. :rolleyes:

Both Tech Writers and Help Desk folk love RTFM.

An oldie:

“PICNIC: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer”

My own:

“It says it doesn’t work? Then neither do you. Go home and tell your wife.”

“I don’t care if you’re going to throw it out the window. It’s leased, and I didn’t pay.”

“If you can read this shirt, you f*cked something up and expect me to fix it.”

“I don’t know what Scroll Lock means either.”