Phrases you know you use too much

Do you have any phrases you know you use too frequently?

For me, it’s ‘painted into a corner’ (or variants) - I work in a strategic IT role - so it’s quite a useful turn of phrase when we’re talking about avoiding built in limitations or shortcomings, or when we’re trying to unpick a predicament a customer has engineered for themselves due to lack of foresight or organisation.

Well, I’m trying to cut back on “Jesus H. Christ on a chariot-driven sidecar!” and just go with “Holy Shit!”.

One of our local coffee shop philosophers learned a new phrase a couple of months ago and is driving me nuts with it " Let me qualify that statment"

I over use " I guess"

Gee, I can’t think of any.


Mr. Kite: “What did you say?”

Me: “I can’t remember.”

If you know what you’re doing, it’s not an adventure.



"I’m not suggesting that (fill in blank) will go bankrupt behind the inefficiencies of “El Machino”.

And of course, the whole “silty clay loam” thing.

“YOLO”, but not YOLO in a bad way, but more to force myself out of wimping out to talk to that cute girl.

Also, I tend to start a lot of my sentences with, “They say…” and sometimes the other person asks, “Who’s ‘they’?”

When I speak English, I tend to overuse the word “obviously.”

After 8 years in the UK (1.5 back in the US), I know I say “Fair enough.” waaaaay too much. It would be borderline even in the UK though.

“Right on.”

My ex grandmother in law used to say that all the time. She was an old southern lady, and she used that phrase for everything from, “ok”, to “I agree”. I miss her.

With a slow drawl: “People in Hell want ice water.”

But not said as much in recent years now that there aren’t little kids around wanting crap all the time.

(Deja Vu.)

I seem to overuse the word ‘well’ as an opening to my spoken sentences.
As in, “Well, I remember back in the 1960s…”

Well, maybe the “I remember back in the 1960s” part is a little overused as well.

I say “like” too much. Like a Valley girl. Totally.

“Sweet”. I use it waaay too much.

When describing something in person, I say “basically” a lot. Basically, its a crutch for me to earn a second or two to think of how else I can describe the issue, but I basically always try to get to the root of the circumstance and each “basically” pushes the timeline further and further back until I’m describing basically the origins of the universe and how it pertains to an accounting spreadsheet’s visual designs

That makes me smile! Except for the missing her part. But the rest makes me feel very cool :slight_smile:

“What fresh hell is this now…”

But I’m trying to cut back.

My mom once told me of a history teacher she had who used the phrase in that respect so often that the kids used to keep a running count. She said he pronounced it “Innat respackt.”

After a while of this I don’t even hear what the person is saying anymore. I just keep waiting for the magic words. Then I get the giggles and have to stifle.